So much is different when adjusting to living and studying in another country that some international and exchange students can find it overwhelming at times, missing their home culture and social support network. They might question their identity and why they are here, or feel lonely and frustrated with some practical, cultural, social and climatic differences between Carleton, Ottawa, Canada and home. If the family is going through a difficult time, it can be tough being so far away and in another time zone.

Individual Counseling

Many students find the idea of meeting with a counsellor unusual in their culture. However, in Canada and here at Carleton, many international students find our counselling sessions invaluable. If you are experiencing personal or emotional difficulties, it helps to talk to someone caring and trained in counselling skills, who is outside your day-to-day life.

Why would I see a Counsellor?

Students see a counsellor for a wide variety of personal and emotional difficulties for example: anxiety, panic, stress, depression, relationship break-ups, cross-cultural issues, assertiveness, family problems, grief, feeling overwhelmed, insomnia, loneliness, lack of confidence, a traumatic experience, or difficulty making an important decision.

If you are unsure about the counselling process, you can learn more about the services provided to students through Health and Counselling Services.

Health and Counselling Services:

2600 Carleton Technology and Training Centre

Call (613) 520-6674 to book an appointment.   Same day appointments available on Mondays with International Student Counsellor, Berak Hussain. Call the number listed and be sure to call early as space is limited.

Emergency Needs and Additional Resources: 

For emergency needs and additional resources please visit the Health Services Website.