Read about these students’ experiences abroad to get an idea of the amazing things you can learn and experience on exchange!

Kourtney on exchange - sitting near an ocean

Kourtney | La Trobe University, Australia
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, Minor in Neuroscience

“By going on exchange through Carleton, I was able to step outside my comfort zone and into the big world out there. I encourage students to go on exchange during their studies at Carleton because it is a great opportunity to gain a new perspective on academics through new professors, researchers, and professionals. By studying in a new country, it gives students the flexibility to travel and explore their host country whilst earning credits towards their degree… It’s the best of both worlds!”

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student on a cliff

Lydia | Ireland, Maynooth University
Major in Human Rights, Minor in Political Science

“Exchange is extremely valuable and positive because it allows you to see the world and experience new perspectives and experiences all while taking in a new culture; it pushes you out of your comfort zone! Going on exchange changed my life, I now have friends from all around the world. Additionally, I have new insights on the world and I have grown so much independently because of exchange. Students should apply for exchange because it gives you a unique opportunity to study and live in a different country and you meet lifelong friends!”


Photo of student on a path

Maggie | Scotland, University of Edinburgh
Bachelor of Humanities, Combined Honours in Humanities and Literature

“I’d like to share this photo of myself standing on Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England. I think it represents how I looked at this year abroad—facing forward, but always bringing Canada with me. My exchange has not only allowed me to discover more about my host country, Scotland, it has also given me a better understanding of home. I’ve been able to create a web of friends and connections across the entire world as Edinburgh is a centre for international students, and I think that is something everyone should have the chance to experience. I’m excited to return to Carleton in the fall. See attached for photo.”

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Student standing in front of a cathedral

Angela | Spain, Universidad Pública de Navarra in Pamplona
Bachelor of International Business, Minor in Spanish

“It was intense at the beginning due to the differences in language, lifestyle and systems in Spain. Hopefully, it didn’t take long to adapt and I had so much fun with travelling up to 12 countries (excluding Spain). I made many local as well as Erasmus friends. I did voluntary work in a church as a Academic Tutor Spanish-English and in Navarra Association as an accountant and also in charge with store’s management. I had a very great time working with Spaniards! It was an incredible experience in my life! I hope future exchange students got the chance to explore more, open up yourself, step out of your comfort zone and for sure, have tons of fun!”

Student overlooking the view of a valley

Elizabeth | England, University of Leeds
Bachelor of Arts Honours, Communication Studies, Minor in Psychology

“I left on Exchange knowing no one, leaving the familiarity of friendly faces and the comfort of my educational routine. I came back having friends around the globe, unforgettable traveling experiences, and new skills I learned in classes as well as from living and traveling on my own.  Everyone should have the opportunity to do an exchange abroad – go thrive in a new class environment, travel widely, create long-lasting friendships, join a society, learn a new language – there are so many important life skills you can learn that aren’t textbook knowledge. Go for it!”

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Student in front of a large building

Jessica | Ireland, Maynooth University

“Studying abroad was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. I had the most amazing experiences and learned so much about myself, while also becoming a more independent, confidant person. Living in Ireland and embracing myself in the culture was truly a unique opportunity that I will always cherish!”

Jessica on exchange in China
Jessica | China, Shanghai International Studies Unversity (SISU)
Bachelor of International Business

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Donna on exchange in front of a statue
Donna | Scotland, Glasgow Caledonian University
Bachelor of Psychology (Minor in Neuroscience)

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Mitchell | Jiangsu, China
Former Master’s Student, Public Policy and Administration

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