1. Search the Public Class Schedule and the Undergraduate Course Calendar to ensure that your requested courses are available AND offered during your term of study.
  2. Review the list of Courses NOT available to study abroad students. Please DO NOT include these courses in your application.
  3. How to read a course number:

Example: PSYC 1001 [0.5 credit]

  1.  PSYC: Identifies the course. In this case, PSYC means Psychology
  2. 1001: Indicates the course year level
    1. Undergraduate: 1000 = 1st year course; 2000 = 2nd year course; 3000 = 3rd year course; 4000 = 4th year course
    2. Graduate: 5000 level courses
  3. [0.5 credit]:Generally (exceptions may apply)
    1. [0.5] indicates a half credit course, one term only (September to December; January to April)
    2.  [1.0] indicates a full credit course, full year (September to April)