This information was prepared by the ISSO’s Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) as required by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. It has general information and answers some common questions. Please note:

  • It is not legal advice
  • Citizenship, Immigration and Refugees Canada (IRCC) is the source of official information, including all recent updates and application forms.
  • Students should visit the ISSO for immigration information and advice based on their personal details.

If your study permit will expire before you finish your program at Carleton, you must apply to IRCC for a new one. This is called applying for an extension of your status as a student. You must be living in Canada to be eligible to extend your status.

It is your responsibility to know the expiry date on your study permit and to apply for an extension before then so you can keep studying.

You can always contact the ISSO if you have questions or would like help with your study permit extension application. Also, look on our Events page for study permit information sessions.

If you need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) as well as a new study permit, you should know that there is a two-step process in Canada:

  1. Apply for your new study permit
  2. After you receive your study permit, apply for the TRV

You cannot apply for both at the same time.

When to Apply for an Extension

Check your passport expiry date first! If your passport is about to expire, your first step is to get a new one. Processing times and processes are different for each country.

You must apply for a new study permit before the expiry date of your current permit. It’s a good idea to apply about two months before. You might want to do it even sooner, if IRCC’s current processing times are long, or if you plan to travel and will need a new Temporary Resident Visa to return to Canada.

If you don’t apply before your study permit expires, you must stop studying (and working) immediately. You have two choices:

  • Apply for restoration of status within 90 days. This can be a difficult application. Visit the ISSO for advice.
  • Leave Canada and apply for a new study permit from your home country.

How to Apply for an Extension

Start by signing in or creating an account.

On your account home page, look for “Apply to Come to Canada” and choose the study permit option. Answer the questions about yourself and why you want to come to Canada. The system uses your answers to create a document list. Most applications include these items:

  • IMM 5709 — Application to Change Conditions, Extent My Stay or Remain in Canada as a Student. Download the form from the online system and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Add your information, validate the form, then upload it to the online application.
  • Your passport – Click on the question mark to see which pages to include.
  • “Letter of acceptance” — On this line, most Carleton students should provide at least two documents:
    • Certificate of Enrolment – This document shows that you are currently enrolled. It is available from Carleton Central under Student Online Applications. Choose option 3 for a visa or study permit.
    • Undergraduates – Statement of Student Progress (contact the ISSO); Graduate students – Letter indicating program completion date (contact the FGPA)
  • Proof of Financial Support — You must show that you can pay your tuition and living expenses for the next year. For many students, the proof is a letter from their parents together with 3-4 months of their bank statements. If you have a scholarship, or other sources of funding, you can use other documents.
  • Recent digital photo of you
  • Optional: Client information — This is a letter of explanation and/or additional documents to make your application as convincing as possible.

You can find more details and answers to frequently asked questions in the ISSO’s Study Permit Renewal Guide (PDF, 303 KB)

Waiting for Your New Study Permit

An IRCC officer will assess whether you have met the terms and conditions of your study permit before they approve your application.

If the officer needs additional documents to help them make a decision, you will receive an email and there will be a detailed message in your online account. You must reply before the deadline, or your application will be refused.

If you applied for the extension before your current study permit expires, you are allowed to continue to study even if your old study permit expires while you are waiting.

If your application takes longer than IRCC’s current processing times, you can send an inquiry using the IRCC Web Form.

When your application is approved, you will receive a message in your online account. IRCC will mail the study permit to your Canadian address.

If you need a new Electronic Travel Authorization, it will be included with your new study permit. If you need a new Temporary Resident Visa, you can apply for it after your new study permit arrives.

Learn more about extending your study permit.

Replace a Study Permit

If your study permit is lost or stolen, you can apply for a replacement. The cost is $30.

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