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Looking to have a unique opportunity to travel that will enhance your university experience? Listed below are international opportunities available to Carleton students to study, intern, research, volunteer, and more.

Study Abroad

At an Alternate International University – Letter of Permission

Carleton University Degree or Certificate students may study abroad at any accredited international university on a Letter of Permission (LOP). Study Abroad students have to pay tuition fees to the host institution. You will need approval from the Registrar’s Office for each course that you wish to take.

Please Note: Students wishing to study at one of Carleton University’s exchange partner institutions are required to apply through the formal exchange process and study during the fall and/or winter terms.

For additional information please visit the Registrar’s Office website and review the Letter of Permission Guide (39KB, PDF) for further information about eligibility.

At Carleton University

The study abroad program at Carleton is designed for undergraduate students who wish to study temporarily at Carleton and whose home institution is not one of our formal exchange partners. The study abroad program is not offered at the Graduate level.  Study abroad students may study at Carleton for one or two academic terms, (Fall, Winter or Fall/Winter). As a study abroad student, you pay international tuition fees to Carleton.

For more information, please visit our Study Abroad at Carleton page.

Summer and Short-term Programs

Carleton University offers various summer and short-term programs for Carleton students who are interested in studying or performing research at one of our partner institutions for a number of weeks in the summer term.

These opportunities include:

Internship Programs

International Internship Program is administered by Career Services and it provides an opportunity to work internationally for academic credit, and is typically unpaid. Internships are an excellent way to gain real-world work experience, develop contacts in your field and build your resume to market yourself for future career opportunities. Virtual internships are currently available!

For more information visit this Career Services website.

Other International Opportunities


MyWorldAbroad is an extensive resource for students seeking to maximize the career value of their time abroad or find work after graduation. The site is packed with 4,000 searchable resources, 300 expert articles, inspiring student stories, and much more. Your subscription is supported by Career Services and the International Student Services Office.

For more information or to register for free, please visit the MyWorldAbroad page.

Mobility Opportunities Through Carleton International

Student mobility is an exciting opportunity for young scholars to expand their research and enrich their degree by working with experts abroad. Carleton International invites students at various levels to explore the programs offered for both Carleton members and international visitors to conduct short research visits.

For more information, please visit the Carleton International website.