15th century castle by the water on a sunny day

Picture a 15th century castle as your home, with Europe as your classroom!

Queen’s University: Bader International Study Centre
Campus at Herstmonceux Castle

What are the benefits of studying at the Herstmonceux Castle?

  • Earn credit towards your Carleton degree
  • Choose from a wide range of Queen’s courses in Art and Music, British Cultural Studies, Business and Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science.
  • Gain international experience
  • Small class size (average Upper Year class is 10 students)
  • Experiential Learning Opportunities in every course mean you learn outside the classroom. Each course has two Experiential Learning Opportunities and all programs have a multi-day overnight trip to places such as Paris, Berlin, Edinburgh, and London (varies by program).
  • No application fee, or deposit required by Queen’s

Programs on Offer

  • General program
    • Fall semester (5 courses)
    • Winter semester (5 courses)
    • Summer semester (3 courses)
  • Specialised Programs
    • British Archaeology (Summer)
    • Medieval Theatre Studies (Summer)
    • Global Health and Disability (Summer)
    • Global Project Management (Summer)
    • Law and Politics (Winter)
    • i2TRM International Innovation Term

Find out more information on the BISC website.

Financial Assistance

Non-repayable bursaries of up to $5000 are available for eligible students

Application Deadlines

Term Deadline
Summer school and summer specialized programs 2019 April 1, 2019
Fall 2019 August 15, 2019
Winter 2020 November 15, 2019

If applying for the Letter of Permission, consult with the Registrar’s Office on the applicable deadlines.


  • Apply online through the Bader International Study Centre website
  • Apply online for the Letter of Permission through Carleton University’s Registrar’s Office
  • Submit your Letter of Permission (scanned copies are acceptable) to Queen’s University by the applicable deadline


Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment at Queen’s University, is the first point of contact for your application process. Their team is there to help you through all the logistics in getting you across that drawbridge.

Contact Castle Admissions by email at castle@queensu.ca