The following information is intended to support international students and their co-arriving family members through the pre-arrival process. Each section of this page outlines documents or actions that need to be completed before travelling to Canada. We strongly recommend that students review the content fully and carefully to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities as they plan ahead for their travel.

Starting January 15, 2022, international students who are 18 years or older will only be allowed to enter Canada if they are fully vaccinated with a World Health Organization approved vaccine. Unvaccinated students under the age of 18 will be able to travel to Canada and must continue to adhere to the current travel and quarantine requirements.

International students who have been fully vaccinated may qualify for certain quarantine and testing exemptions. Please review the Government of Canada’s website for more information. Those who qualify for the exemptions must still complete the steps outlined below.

Please contact the ISSO at if you have any additional questions.