What is Mentorship?

Mentorship is a unique opportunity for you to receive support during your time at Carleton University. Through mentorship, you will find a welcoming space for you to address all the questions and concerns you may have about navigating your academic, social and personal experiences at Carleton and adapting to life in Canada.

You will be able to connect with Mentors through the program that best suits your needs. Mentors are upper year students (grad or undergrad) that volunteer their time to assist international students. Mentorship programs are available during your transition to university life and to support you through to graduation. Mentors are great sources of information and your link to support systems on campus. Your mentors can help you build your social network and guide you as you navigate the university, Ottawa, and Canada! All international student mentors receive extensive training to be successful in helping you achieve your academic and personal goals throughout the year.

You can access our different mentorship programs during the different stages of your time at Carleton. Our mentors maintain strict confidentiality and are responsive to the diverse social and cultural needs of their assigned peers.

Find the right mentorship fit for you

There are four types of mentorship available to you, read our descriptions below to decide which style of support best suits you at this time.

Pre-Arrival support: for new undergraduate, graduate, and exchange international students.

International Student Group Mentorship: for all undergraduate, graduate, and exchange international students in any year of study.

Intercultural Peer Advisors: for all undergraduate, graduate, and exchange international students, in any year of study, seeking personalized support, and have attended a group mentorship session.

First Year Connections: for first year undergraduate students seeking support throughout the first six weeks of the fall term.

Pre-Arrival Support

Pre-Arrival support is offered to all incoming students during the months leading up to your move to Ottawa. Send us your questions to isso@carleton.ca and one of our senior mentors will reply!

International Student Group Mentorship

The International Student Group Mentorship Facilitators provide peer-to-peer support and mentorship to new and returning international students in a group setting. Group mentorship sessions happen twice a week throughout the academic year. Group mentorship offers you a place to hear and share experiences transitioning to life in Canada and Carleton University, while connecting with others who can relate and offer mutual support. You can drop in for any session at any point during the semester! Contact the ISSO by email isso@carleton.ca for questions.

Winter Term 2018

  • Tuesdays 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Room 374 University Centre (3rd floor)  (undergraduate mentor facilitator)
  • Thursdays 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Room: 3208 Canal Building (graduate mentor facilitator)

Please note that groups will start the second week of the semester and will run up until the last week, unless otherwise indicated. There will be no groups over reading week (Feb. 19-23/18).

First Year Connections

The First Year Connections program helps first year students make a successful transition to university life by preparing them to achieve their personal and academic goals. FYC has worked with the ISSO to develop a mentorship stream that is specific to you as a first year undergraduate international student. You will be paired with an upper year student who is in a similar academic program and has a similar schedule as you. Registration for FYC will open during the summer.

Intercultural Peer Advisors

Intercultural Peer Advisors provide personalized peer-to-peer support and mentorship to new and returning international students. IPAs work one-on-one with you through the different stages of your transition to student life in Canada and Carleton University, with a special focus on your social and cultural well-being. You can request to be matched with an IPA by emailing isso@carleton.ca.

Your Responsibility

  • You need to be an active participant and put aside the necessary time for you and your mentor to meet
  • Make sure to check your email regularly, respond to your mentor’s messages, and ask for help, or guidance when needed
  • With the help of your mentor, you are responsible for following plans with the objective of achieving your academic and personal goals
  • Be respectful of your mentor’s time and take full advantage of the program – perhaps next year it will be you helping a new international student!
  • Provide feedback about the program when requested