The International Student Thanksgiving Program brings members of the Carleton community together to participate in a cultural exchange. As a host you can invite an international student to Thanksgiving and share your family’s traditions with someone new to Canada. As an international student you can be a guest and experience this fun Canadian tradition that centers around family and a delicious dinner!

Information for Hoststhanksgiving

As a host you can invite one or more international students to participate in your Thanksgiving celebration. This may mean different things to different families – you can invite your guests for dinner, or you may choose to provide transportation, overnight accommodation, and an invitation to participate in other family activities. Please note that there should be NO charge to student participants. However, if you are hosting students outside of the city, guests may be responsible for their own transportation costs. If this is the case, please communicate this information to your guests and to the ISSO in advance.

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Please submit your completed Host Registration Form to the ISSO (128 University Centre) or email it to

Information for Student Guests – Registration now closed

Experience this Canadian Holiday with a Carleton family!  Thanksgiving day falls on Monday October 9th, 2017, however families may choose to celebrate on a different day over the weekend. Some families may also choose to host students outside of Ottawa. Students signing up for this experience should therefore leave their availability for the weekend open until they are able to confirm all plans with their host. At the time of registration please indicate your dietary restrictions. Note that the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner includes turkey or ham, however some families may also offer vegetarian options.