Enrolment in the University Health Insurance Plan, (UHIP), is mandatory for all international students enrolled into a degree program at participating Ontario universities including Carleton University.

Coverage Period

The annual UHIP premium for degree students for 2018-2019 will be $624 for 12 months (September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019 – provided you remain enroled in classes).  You will be covered for the summer months whether or not you are enroled for summer.

The UHIP premium will be added to your student account based on your terms of registration.  If you register for fall and winter at the same time, you will see a total charge of $624.  If you register for fall only, you will see a charge of $208 that will cover you from September 1 to December 31 (4 months). If/when you register for winter term classes, you will see an additional $416 charge on your student account, providing coverage January 1 to August 31 (8 months).

Special and Exchange students will be charged for the terms they register in classes; either 4, 8 or 12 months.

How do I get my UHIP card?

Your UHIP card will be sent to you by Sun Life to your Carleton email.  The health card will come as a PDF attachment for you to print out.   Be sure to keep this email for reference and if you need to print out another copy of your card.

Adding Dependents

Anyone with dependents (children and/or spouse) with them in Canada to the UHIP plan, must do so in person at the ISSO.   UHIP is automatically renewed for students each academic year, but not for family members.   The UHIP premium for your dependents will be added to your student account.

You must enroll your dependents within thirty (30) days of their arrival to Canada.  If you to fail to do so, Sun Life will charge you a late administration fee of $500, plus retroactive premiums.

The cost of the UHIP premium for family members depends on the number of people covered and the duration of their stay.  The Premium Table, outlines the premiums on a monthly basis.

Exchange and Special Students

Exchange students and those with Special student status are automatically enrolled in UHIP at time of course registration for the terms they are registered.

As an exchange student, even if you have other insurance plans from your respective country/university, UHIP is still a mandatory requirement.  You are therefore, advised to not purchase another insurance plan to cover you while you are studying at Carleton.

Visiting Researchers and Carleton Employees

International short-term university visitors and employees, officially associated with Carleton University, are required to enrol in UHIP.   UHIP is compulsory for stays of two weeks or longer and optional for stays less than two weeks.  Short-term visitors include, but are not limited to, visiting researchers, visiting scholars, and post-doctoral students.

You must come by the ISSO to complete the UHIP enrolment for yourself and any family members (spouse and/or children) who may be accompanying you.   Payment for UHIP premiums are by personal cheque or money order only (Canadian funds).

If you will be working here for a peiod of 6 months or longer, you may be eligible for OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance) which is government funded health insurance.   Eligibility and more details found at  https://www.ontario.ca/page/apply-ohip-and-get-health-card .  There is a 3 month wait period for OHIP and you must enrol in UHIP until such time you find you are eligible for OHIP.   As soon as you can provide proof of OHIP eligibility, come to the ISSO so that your UHIP can be terminated and discuss any potential UHIP refund.

Domestic Status/Domestic Fees/Returning Canadians & UHIP

Students who are coming to study at Carleton and have domestic status/paying domestic fees will NOT be automatically enrolled in UHIP.  You must come to the ISSO to complete a manual enrolment.  You can visit Service Ontario to see if you are eligible for OHIP and if so, show proof at the ISSO so that your UHIP can be terminated and your student account adjusted accordingly.   Details on OHIP eligibility can be found at https://www.ontario.ca/page/apply-ohip-and-get-health-card.

Approved leave of Absence

If you are a Graduate student and have been approved for a Leave of Absence from your program of study, you can request to have your UHIP kept intact for a 4 month period (must provide proof).  Sun Life will approve only one LOA request per 12 month period.