Enrolment in the University Health Insurance Plan, (UHIP), is mandatory for all international students enrolled into a degree program at participating Ontario universities including Carleton University.

Coverage Period

The annual UHIP premium for 2017-2018 is $612 for 12 months (September 1 to August 31) and the fee is automatically added to the student account of each degree student upon registration for the fall term.   If you are a degree student and register for fall and winter separately, you will see a $204 charge in the fall for 4 months coverage (Sept 1 to Dec 31).  If/when you register in winter term classes, you will be charged an additional $408 for 8 months coverage (Jan 1 to August 31).

For degree students beginning in the winter term, a pro-rated amount for 8 months of coverage (January 1 to August 31) will automatically be added to their account. Special students and exchange students are assessed on a per-term basis and will have 4 months of UHIP added to their account for each term in which they register.  The premium for each 4 month term for 2017-2018 is $408CDN.

The UHIP year runs from September 1 – August 31. Degree students are not required to study during the summer months and all degree students who were registered during the academic year will retain coverage until the end of August. Special and Exchange students do not have coverage during the summer unless they are enrolled in classes.

Enrollment Adjusment

Students who require adjustments to their enrollment or need to add coverage for dependents, must do so in person by visiting the ISSO. Re-enrollment is automatic for returning international students, however students must contact the ISSO if they would like re-enroll their dependents (spouse and/or children) each year.

Returning Students

UHIP registration is required for new students. Returning students will receive UHIP information through ISSO updates and their coverage will be automatically renewed every year until they have completed their program(s) or there has been a change of status.

International Students with Dependents

UHIP is also mandatory for eligible dependents of international students, since they are not covered by the provincial health care plan. Eligible dependents include spouse and/or children during their stay in Canada. Enrolment with UHIP for the dependents is done through ISSO. It is highly recommended that students get their spouse and/or children included in UHIP as soon as they arrive in Canada.

Your dependents must enroll in UHIP within thirty (30) days of their arrival in Canada. If you fail to enroll your dependents in UHIP within this time period, SunLife will charge a late administration fee of $500.00 (cdn), plus retroactive premiums.

The cost of the UHIP premium depends on the number of people covered and the duration of the coverage. The Premium Table  outlines the cost of coverage for your dependent(s).

Exchange and Special Students

Exchange and special students are also required to enroll in UHIP. Please note that, even if you have other insurance plans from your respective country/university, you are still required to enroll in UHIP. Therefore, students are advised not to purchase another insurance plan to cover them while they are in Canada.

For exchange and special students, enrolment in UHIP is always done on a term by term basis. That is, special and exchange students are required to pay only for the terms they would be here in Canada and not for the whole year. Therefore, UHIP fees for the particular term/s will be added to students’ accounts upon registration and upon the completion of UHIP enrolment form at ISSO. For the academic year, UHIP fees (term by term) for Exchange and Special students are as follows:

One term (Fall/Winter/Summer): 4 months
Two terms (Fall & Winter/ Winter & Summer): 8 months

Since UHIP fees is determined based on the number of terms an exchange/special student will remain at Carleton University, students will have to re-enrol for the subsequent term/s in person at ISSO and request for a new card for each of the term/s.

In some cases, Exchange/Special students may be eligible for exemption. For details, please consult the UHIP exemption section or see the UHIP Administrator at Carleton University

Visiting Researchers and Carleton Employees

Non-resident, short term university visitors and employees, officially associated with Carleton University are required to enroll in UHIP as well (UHIP is compulsory for stays of three or more weeks and optional for stays less than three weeks). Short-term visitors include but not limited to, visiting researchers, post-doctoral students, international researchers and conference participants.

If you belong to anyone of these groups, please drop by at ISSO to complete the application procedures for getting UHIP coverage for you and/or your family (if applicable). In some instances, you might be eligible to apply for OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). In order to determine whether you are eligible for OHIP, please contact the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. However, please be advised that if you are eligible and if you apply for OHIP, there is a three-month (3-month) waiting period before OHIP takes effect and you have to get UHIP coverage for this interim period of three months. Please contact ISSO with the proof of your OHIP application/receipt so that you are covered immediately under UHIP.

Please also note that Visiting Scholars and Employees need to pay at ISSO for their UHIP coverage. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash, debit or credit cards and you will have to pay either by cheque, money order, bank draft or ICBs (Internal Chargebacks).

Domestic Status/Domestic Fees/Returning Canadians & UHIP

Returning Canadians (domestic status/paying domestic tuition fees)  who are coming to study at Carleton and do not have Provincial Health Insurance Plan (i.e. OHIP) are also required to have UHIP. Enrolment is done through ISSO. Please consult the OHIP site for details on eligibility and applying for provincial coverage.