Can I be exempted?

Typically all international students, their dependents, exchange and special students, visiting scholars and their families and non-resident Carleton Employees are required to enroll in UHIP. However, only those covered under a Pre-Approved Plan* can be exempted from UHIP.

*Current list of Pre-Approved Plans.

If you have insurance coverage under any one of these Pre-Approved Plans, please bring proof to ISSO and the UHIP administrator will exempt you from UHIP.

Students/employees covered under a plan other than a Pre-Approved Plan must join UHIP and pay the required UHIP premium and then may apply for exemption.

If you have coverage with a non pre-approved provider and would like to apply to be exempted from UHIP, be sure to review the Exemption Checklist to see if your plan is comparable with UHIP and if so, complete a UHIP Exemption Form and submit to the Case Management team at Sun Life for review.  All details must be provided in either English or French.  Be sure to include all details of your home plan (inclusions and exclusions) and email Sunlife Case Management for review.  If approved, the UHIP fees the UHIP Administrator will be removed from your student account.

Exemption deadline:  You have 45 days from the start of the academic year to apply for the exemption.

Diplomatic Insurance Coverage and Interim Federal Health Certificate/Incoming Exchange Students

International students who are diplomats/dependents of (spouse or son/daughter) of diplomats may have acceptable health insurance plans with their Embassy or High Commission and UHIP is not required.  If however, you are under your parents diplomatic health coverage, and they have left the country, it is your responsibility to enrol in the UHIP plan.

For the students who are being covered under the Interim Federal Health Certificate, you are eligible for exemption from UHIP.  You must submit the proof to the UHIP administrator at the beginning of every school year.