Students are encouraged to use Health and Counselling Services on campus,  Of not, you are encouraged to visit a  ‘preferred provider’ as noted below.

International Visiting Researchers, Post Docs, employees and spouses and dependents:  

Note:  If you visit a clinic that is not part of the Student Health Network, you may have to pay for the medical services upfront.   Note that additional charges may apply, when visiting a clinic or medical centre off-campus.  However, if you have UHIP coverage and if the services you had to pay for are covered under UHIP, you will be eligible for reimbursement. Please note that in such cases, you will have to have the claim form signed by the doctor/medical centre/hospital you visited before you can send the Claim Form to the insurance company. Attach the original invoice/bill with the claim form and send it to the Insurance Company. For your future reference, it is strongly recommended that you make a copy of all the papers you send to the insurance company.

For more details or if you have any specific inquiry, please contact the UHIP Administrator at the ISSO, 128 University Centre, Carleton University.