Any refund request for UHIP fees must be requested by you, the member. 

The refund request deadline date is March 1st

You may be eligible for a refund if one of the following applies to you:

  1. Program withdrawal:  If you withdraw from your program your UHIP coverage is automatically terminated and you are required to inform the ISSO and request a refund of the unused portion of UHIP. 
  2. Change in status from international to domestic: If there is any change in your status and you find you are eligible for OHIP, you must provide proof of OHIP start date to the ISSO. The unused portion of your UHIP fees will be removed from your student account.
  3. Leaving Canada and NOT applying for PGWP:If you are completing your academic program, leaving Canada and NOT applying for your PGWP you can apply for a partial refund of your UHIP fees.  You must provide proof of your plane ticket home, plus proof of application to graduate to the ISSO.
  4. Dependents leaving Canada:If your family members have been enrolled in UHIP and leaving Canada before their UHIP expires, you are required to inform the ISSO before the March 1st deadline.