Here at iTeam HQ, we’re often asked “How do I edit PowerPoint files on my iPad?”. When we unpack this question, we find 3 usage scenarios, viz:

Using my iPad, I would like to:

  1. …Display PowerPoint files
    In this case the iTeam suggests that you Print or Save As… the PowerPoint file to a PDF on the PC or Mac you used to create it. And then that you transfer the resulting PDF file (e.g. via email or DropBox, etc.) to your iPad.This method will result in a higher-fidelity version of your PowerPoint presentation, than using the iPad’s built-in capability to view PowerPoint files. Of course, the downside is that your PDF presentation is no longer easily editable.
  2. …Edit a PowerPoint file
    Microsoft has yet to release MS Office for the iPad. The iTeam has tried a variety of 3rd-party MS Office equivalents for the iPad and currently suggests QuckOffice Pro HD or Polaris

    N.B. Depending on the complexity of the PowerPoint file, there may be some rendering problems. And editing may cause some further loss in the file.

  3. …Create a presentation
    If you are creating a presentation on your iPad from scratch, consider Apple’s Keynote App (iTunes | Apple Support site).Note: If you also have a reliable network connection while creating your presentation, you might also consider a cloud-based, presentation app such as Prezi for iPad.
    Reference: Tap into the cloud for iPad presentations, Will Kelly, March 25 2013.