If you’re presenting your slides using Keynote on your MacBook, you can use your iPhone with the iPhone Keynote Remote app to advance your pressentation, as well as preview your next slides.

Unfortunately many enterprise Wi-Fi networks, including Carleton’s CU-Wireless, are not compatible with Bonjour protocol that the iPad uses. So here’s one workaround:

  1. Plug your MacBook into the projector, as per usual.
    Tip: Keep a VGA dongle, appropriate for your MacBook, in your laptop bag.
  2. [Optional – Internet Connectivity]
    If you need Internet connectivity during your presentation, plug your MacBook into the provided Ethernet socket.
    Tip: Keep an Ethernet patch cord, and if your MacBook needs one, a USB-to-Ethernet dongle, in your laptop bag.
  3. Create a Wi-Fi network using your MacBook
    • Apple icon > System Preferences… > Network > Wi-Fi > Create Network… > Security > Password
    Advanced Tip: You can avoid using your laptop to create the Wi-Fi network for your iPhone, by instead placing a pre-configured Airport Express in-line with with your MacBook Ethernet connection. Just plug the Ethernet cable intended for your laptop into the Airport Express, and run a 2nd Ethernet cable from the Airport Express to your laptop.
  4. Join your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network you just created.
    • Settings > Wi-Fi > [select network you created]
  5. Launch Keynote Remote app on our iPhone
    • Keynote Remote > Settings  > [Select MacBook or New Keynote Link…]
  6. Launch Keynote on your Mac
    • Keynote > Preferences… > Remote > [Check] Enable iPhone and iPod Touch Remotes

After Presentation: To restore Wi-Fi internet connectivity to your laptop after the presentation, select your normal Wi-Fi hotspot.

Tip: Mute your iPhone to avoid interruptions. For any incoming calls, one press of power on/off button stops the vibrating; two presses sends the call immediately to voicemail.