For any members of the Carleton community new to the iPad, or who would like a refresher, we offer a rotating series of iPad for Beginner Lunch ‘n’ Learn sessions, in addition to our regular monthly iPad session. You’re welcome to come to either or both!


iPad for Beginners 1
– Charging (iPad chargers are 4X more powerful than those for phones)
– Buttons and Gestures to control your iPad: sleep, power-off, force-restart, mute, orientation-lock…
– Folders, re-arranging apps
– Q&A
Learning Objectives: Attendees will be able to switch between portrait and landscape displays on their iPad, or lock it to either orientation. They will be able to delete apps, re-position apps, create folders, and easily switch between running apps. They will be comfortable with basic iPad debugging techniques including restarting a ‘hung’ iPad, and terminating a misbehaving app.

iPad for Beginners 2 
– iPad passwords
– How to setup CU Exchange & calendar
– How to setup Wireless: CU-Wireless vs CU-Internet vs EduRoam vs 3G
– Q&A
– Learning Objectives: Attendees will be be able to assign a numeric or alphanumeric password of any length to their iPad, minimize how often they are prompted for this password, configure their iPad for Carleton’s Exchange Email system for academic and professional services staff, as well as its accompanying calendar. They will be able to join Carleton’s WiFi network without having to re-enter a password.

iPad for Beginners 3 – Minutes from Nov 22 2012
– Backing up your iPad (to a PC or Mac running iTunes or to iCloud)
– How to update your iPad
– Find my iPad
– Q&A
– Learning Objectives: Attendees will be be able to back up their iPad, then update it to the latest iOS version. If their iPad is misplaced, they will be able to locate it from any web browser on any computer, assign a password remotely or, as a last resort, remote wipe its contents.

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