Here are some simple tips to help protect yourself from IT threats.

Computing Account

MyCarleton Portal, Carleton Central and WebCT

  • Logout at the end of every session.
  • Close any open windows when you’re not using them.

Carleton Email

  • Never open messages from suspicious sources.
  • Use email appropriately – do not send anything in email you may regret later (visa number, SIN, passwords etc).


  • When connecting to secure resources from off campus, use the Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Use and properly maintain anti-virus software to protect your computer form online threats.

Campus Computers

  • Always log off when you are finished on a computer.  Staff and faculty, when you walk away from your desk, lock your computer (Ctrl + Alt + Delete)
  • Never leave you username and password on a post-it at a public computer!