In the last year, ITS has completed 16 IT projects.

Some lessons learned over the last year support some Project Management Proverbs:

  • If it wasn’t for the last minute nothing would get done.
  • The sooner you get behind schedule the more time you have to make it up.
  • Never put off until tomorrow what you can leave until the day after.
  • Planning is an unnatural process.

Completed 2010 / 2011 Projects

Project Name

Description / Outcome

Banner Workflow Implementation Implemented the Workflow module from SunGardhe in a test and production environment.
Banner Luminus WebCT Integration Replaced in-house developed procedures linking information from Banner to the Luminis (MyCarleton Portal) and WebCT, with vendor’s native integration architecture.
Business Continuity Plan (Library) Developed a Business Continuity Planning program for the MacOdrum Library by serving as a practicum site for a professional BCP course.
Clockwork for Equity Services Replaced Equity Services’ Access database systems with a sustainable information system that can integrate with the University Administrative systems such as Banner.
CMS Migration Migrated the current Carleton websites to the new Carleton CMS (Content Management System). This new CMS uses WordPress as the web content management tool.
CUNET Domain Renewal Ensures that ITS continues to be able to support the deployment of current Windows technologies by:
– Upgrading the CUNET operating platform to Windows 2008
– Renewing the aging hardware on which the CUNET domain operates
– Renewing the CUNET domain test environment
Email Architecture Review 1) Reviewed the existing ITS messaging services and infrastructure: email servers, list servers, gateways, spam filter, alias resolvers, directories and distribution list generation.
2) Analyzed strengths and weaknesses in terms of performance, growth and functionality.
3) Provided architecture options and recommendations that will support ITS’ email strategy and the University’s business requirements.
Employee Learning & Development Registration System Moved the Learning and Development (LD) Registration for employees process from a PHP/MySQL database into Banner.  LD registration now available for all employees through Carleton Central. LD registration is similar but not identical to registration for credit courses.
IAM Phase II Provisioning & PW Management (MyCarletonOne) Implemented the Identity and Access Management functions of user provisioning and password management for the staff cohort, as defined and documented in the IAM project Phase I.
Identity & Access Management Functional Design (MyCarletonOne) Delivered the general functional requirements and design to establish an identity methodology and provision user accounts at Carleton University. Detailed functional requirements and design will be delivered for the staff cohort.
Integrated UG Adm and Awards Process Resolved existing problems encountered when High School Assessment (HSA) and Undergraduate/Graduate Awards and Financial Aid (UGAFA) modules interact, and  introduced new functionality in average processing and communication of program and scholarship eligibillity within HSA-UGAFA.
Oracle 11G Upgrade Upgraded both Banner and FAST (Millennium) enterprise applications to run on the current Oracle Database release of 11g.
Resource Management Methodology Implemented a Resource Management methodology including tools, reports and processes for ITS resource allocation.
Student Advising and Support Software The student advising (SARS) software allows for:
– tracking of advising data (numbers of students, reasons for advising, etc.)
– confidential sharing of advising notes amongst advisors
– easy booking/rebooking appointments
–  faculty members to send a message of concern and refer sudents to advising services where necessary
Telephony Billing System Replacement Implemented a new Billing Solution to be used by Voice Services to manage and administer chargebacks for subscribers’ telephone and long distance services. Provides a single tracking and service management system that can also integrate with other Carleton IT products.
Voice Network Update Expanded capacity and upgrade the voice network infrastructure to improve resiliency and redundancy of voice services on campus.

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