Carleton CMS website are moving to our single sign on environment.

What is Single Sign On (SSO)?

With SSO, when you login to one service (such as your Carleton CMS website) you are then automatically logged into other MyCarletonOne enabled services (such as MyCarleton Portal, cuLearn, other Carleton CMS websites, etc).

Carleton CMS is the first service to move into the SSO environment.  As such, the benefits of SSO will only be realized across Carleton CMS sites and not other Carleton services. 

There is currently a plan to move other MyCarletonOne enabled services into the Sing Sign On environment.

This is the first step to having true SSO at Carleton.

What will change?

When you site is moved into the SSO environment, the look of your login page will change.  You will continue to login using your MyCarletonOne credentials.

If you manage multiple Carleton CMS websites, logging into one websites will automatically log you into all Carleton CMS websites you manage.

You will continue to login to your website using your regular address.