Carleton’s internet-accessible services are continuously subjected to illicit login attempts from people seeking to install malware and ransomware, searching for mailboxes from which to send spam, hunting for data for identity theft, or attempting to steal intellectual property.

Duo two-factor authentication is a proven technique to prevent your account from being used in these attacks.

Once your account is Duo-enabled, you log into Carleton systems that have been Duo-enabled using something you know (your MyCarletonOne password) plus something you have (your mobile phone, work phone, home phone or tablet).

Should someone steal your password and attempt to use your account to access a Duo-enabled service, you will receive a notification and have the ability stop them from accessing that service.

Over 600 accounts are now protected with Duo two-factor authentication.  To enable Duo on your MyCarletonOne account, log into and follow the instructions provided.

Learn more on our Duo website.