Carleton’s IT Strategy is the result of contributions from over 70 faculty members, students and professional services staff. It was informed by best practices in IT, the University’s strategic plans, and Carleton’s IT service providers: the Library, Teaching & Learning Services, the Faculty IT units, and Information Technology Services (ITS).

Campus Wide Perspective

The goal of this strategy is to increase alignment and effectiveness of IT services for Teaching & Learning, Research, and Professional Services, by formalizing our federated IT model and by establishing a campus-wide perspective for IT.

Building the Foundation

Entitled Building the Foundation, the Carleton IT Strategy provides a vision structured around three themes:

  • Governance: Enhancing IT Governance, to ensure transparent decision-making.
  • Services: Simplifying access to IT services, in our federated IT model with its diversity of IT providers.
  • Financial Management: Understanding our IT spend, to ensure ongoing alignment with University goals.

By focusing on these themes, we will ensure the alignment and effectiveness of our IT services to meet the growing demand for information technology in teaching & learning, research, and administration.

The implementation of Carleton’s IT Strategy is envisioned to be carried out by a series of initiatives over three years.