ITS provides enterprise backup services for the campus.  Backups are done for disaster recovery only and are not part of an archiving service.

How to Recover a Deleted File

Students, staff and University Department users are asked to save work related data to a network drive.

We can provide backups on a for a fee basis for:

  • Data residing on a server located in the University department’s workspace;
  • Data residing on a specially allotted drive space.

If your file(s) was saved to a network drive and needs to be recovered, send an e-mail the ITS Service Desk which includes the direct path to the file or folder that needs to be restored as well as the date the data needs to be recovered from.

Recovering Older Versions of Data

ITS backups are ‘point-in-time’ snapshots of data. As a result ITS can recover data that was backed up on the most recent backup. Specifically, ITS maintains:

  • Up to 10 daily incremental backups
  • Up to 4 weekly incremental backups (as of Friday each week)
  • Up to 2 full monthly backups (as of the last day of each month)
  • 3 term backups (end of each term)

For example, if you wanted to restore a file that was deleted, ITS could restore the file (as it was) when the last term backup was done.

There is no guarantee of recovery of files older than 2 months. A file is considered recoverable as long as it exists on a tape that has not been recycled. Instant recovery is not possible.