There are a number of eKiosks machines on campus for student use. These are computers mainly intended to be used to check e-mail and browse the Internet. There is a twenty-minute time limit when using these computers, after which you will automatically be logged off.

When logged in, you will have access to:

  • The Internet – For checking e-mail, etc.
  • P: – 100 MB of available storage on this drive.
  • I: – Course Setup drive. Professors can place resources for students here.  This is available same as in the Student Labs.

eKiosks machines are contained in red enclosed stands.  These machines do not have CD-ROM or floppy drives; however, they do have USB ports for memory sticks (located front-left of the stand).

E-Kiosk Machine Locations

Building Location
Alumni Hall 1st Floor Hallway / Lobby – 2 e-kiosks locations
Athletics 1st Floor near Tim Horton’s
Azrieli Pavilion 1st Floor Hallway
Herzberg  inside Hardware Services Room 1251
Loeb  2nd Floor by Pay Phone
Mackenzie 2nd Floor Hallway
Mackenzie 4th Floor in Room 4377
Minto Case 5th Floor by Elevator
Paterson Hall 2nd Floor Lobby
Residence Commons 3rd Floor Fresh Food Company
River Building 2nd Floor by Pay Printer
Robertson Hall 1st Floor Print Shop
Robertson Hall 2nd Floor Lobby – 2 e-kiosks locations
Robertson Hall 3rd Floor Lobby – 2 e-kiosks locations
Robertson Hall 5th Floor HR Reception
St. Patrick’s 2nd Floor by Elevator
Tory 3rd Floor Lobby – 4 e-kiosks locations
Tory 3rd Floor Registrar’s Office Room 300
Tory 5th Floor Carleton Int’l
University Centre 1st Floor outside Book Store
University Centre 2nd Floor inside Food Court
University Centre 4th Floor Galleria behind Starbucks
University Centre 4th Floor near Campus Card Office