Name: MatLab for Students
Description: MATLAB is the easiest and most productive software for engineers and scientists. Whether you’re analyzing data, developing algorithms, or creating models, MATLAB provides an environment that invites exploration and discovery. It combines a high-level language with a desktop environment tuned for iterative engineering and scientific workflows.  For more information, see Matlab
OS Supported: Linux, Mac, Windows
Available to: All Students
Cost: Free
How to Get: To download this software, please go to Matlab for Students .  You must login with your MC1 credentials to gain access to this website.

For Grad Students who wish to setup a lab, please contact the Asset Manager for your department or faculty.

This software is also available via the Student Public Labs on campus.  See Student Lab Locations for more information.

Please note that this software is only available via download through the MathWorks website and is not available at Hardware Services.

License Details: MatLab TAH Student Agreement for MATLAB, Simulink, also includes these 83 Toolboxes.

A maximum of 2 installations are allowed per user. If you get a new computer or need to reinstall this software, you can request to have one of your installations re-hosted by emailing

Documentation: Matlab TAH Quickstart Guide
Support: MathWorks Support
Vendor Web site: