The Problem

Have you ever organized an event, webinar or workshop and then been dismayed when only half the invitees show up because they forgot to add your event to their calendars as a reminder?

Why not make it easy for your invitees by adding an “Add to Calendar” link to your event announcement! Here are three options to do this.

Three Options

Ease of use Option
Option 1: Easiest USE the Events @ Carleton website

  1. Post your event to
  2. Email the link to this event to your invitees.
    The Events website automatically generates an “Add to calendar” link →

events.carleton screenshot showing "Add to calendar" link

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Option 2: Easy SEND Outlook Meeting Request

Send your invitation from Outlook’s calendar as an (Exchange) Meeting Request.
When your recipients “Accept” your invitation, it is automatically added to their calendar.

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Option 3: Medium ATTACH an iCalendar (.ics) file to your Email messageThis method works with any email system — you just attach an iCalendar file to your email, and your recipients can open that file in order to add your event to their calendars!

  1. Create an appointment in Outlook (PC or Mac) or iCal (Mac).
  2. Save this appointment as an iCalendar (.ics) file:
    Outlook (PC): Select the appointment, File > Save As… > iCalendar format
    Outlook, iCal (Mac): Drag the appointment to your desktop
  3. Attach this file to your email, adding some explanatory text to your message, e.g.:
    “PS. To add this event to your calendar, open the attached iCalendar (.ics) file.”

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