Audio and Web Conferencing (AWC)

ITS Voice Services provides an Audio and Web Conferencing (AWC) solution at no cost to all Faculty and Staff. This application will require a Windows PC to run the desktop client. Contact ITS Voices Services for more details.

AWC combines the benefits of a feature-rich audio conferencing solution with web conferencing facilities enabling users to enhance a conference call or meeting through the use of shared documents, presentations, chat and video. The benefits of AWC include improved control and management or intellectual property. External participants will pay standard call charges if long distance calling is required to dial into the audio conferencing bridge.

Key Features

  • Better Communications: High quality audio and video allows the chairperson to share presentations or desktop applications with all participants no matter where they are located.
  • Easy Scheduling: The simple, web-based interface lets you send e-mail invitations with dial-in numbers, web links and all the details participants need for effective meetings and can add it to your calendar.
  • Conference Recording: Meetings can be recorded for participants who could not attend to allow playback of the entire presentation.
  • Lower Costs: Reduce costly and inefficient travel, while avoiding the high costs of outsourced conferencing services.

AWC Quick Reference Guide
AWC User Guide

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Quick Conference Audio Conferencing

Quick Conference Audio conferencing provides excellent conferencing power for use whenever you need it with minimum user set-up and is provided at a cost of $5/month.

Once registered for the service through ITS Service Desk, simply use your assigned bridge number at any time, the moment you dial into your bridge number, conferencing can begin. You are able to configure additional capabilities for a conference, through the phone or a web interface. To register for this service, send a request to the ITS Service Desk.

Quick Conference Reference Guide

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