Once your account has been protected with Duo two-factor authentication:

  1. Log into Duo-enabled service as you normally would.
  2. Specify whether you’d like to receive a push, text, or call.
  3. Acknowledge the notification on your device to continue to log in.

How Often You Can Expect to Be Prompted

  • Outlook application on your computer or phone: appox. every 90 days
  • Duo-enabled web services: each time you quit and restart your browser, or use a different browser you can expect to be prompted. Opening another Duo-enabled web service from the same browser will not cause a Duo prompt.

There is no Duo two-factor prompt when logging into a PC/Mac — regardless of whether it’s your Carleton office computer, a lab computer, a classroom podium computer, or your home computer. There is also no Duo prompt when accessing a non-Carleton website.

To Add a New Device

  1. Login to https://i.carleton.ca/its/duo/.
  2. Authenticate through the form by requesting a call, text, or Duo push.
  3. Click Add Another Device.
  4. Follow the steps provided.

Fob user?

If you do not use a cell phone, and have requested and received a fob, you are automatically enrolled as a DUO user. Press “Enter a Passcode” and transcribe the 6-digit code from your fob.