1. Overview
  2. What O365 2-Factor DOES
  3. What O365 2-Factor does NOT do
  4. Requirements Minimum
  5. Preparation for 2-factor
    1. 1. Install Outlook on your devices – for Best Experience
    2. 2. If choosing NOT to use the Outlook app…
  6. Configuration
  7. FAQ

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NOTE: This pilot for staff/faculty was ended in favour of DUO 2-factor authentication.


Outlook for devices, graphic

After enabling 2-factor authentication, also known as Azure MFA (multi-factor authentication), you log into your Exchange email and other M365 services (OneDrive, Skype, Teams…) by:

  • entering your MC1 username and password as usual;
  • then using your cell phone to verify your identity.

What O365 2-Factor DOES

  • Prevents anyone with your password from logging into your Exchange Email and other M365 services, from their computer.

What O365 2-Factor does NOT do

  • Prompt you every time you open the Outlook app on your computer or mobile.
  • Change how you log into your domain-attached Carleton PC; you are NOT be prompted for a 2nd factor at PC domain login;
  • Prevent someone with your password, who also has physical access to your computer, from successfully logging into your computer.

Requirements Minimum

  • 1. Cell Phone
  • 2. Outlook app on your devices
    • If you choose not to use Outlook for your Carleton email, see the FAQ below.

Preparation for 2-factor

Graphic: Install Outlook on your devices

1. Install Outlook on your devices – for Best Experience

2. If choosing NOT to use the Outlook app…

  • …such as using instead a different email client, e.g. Mac Mail.app, you will then likely have to create an “App Password.” See the FAQ below for details.
  • It is strongly recommended that you still install the Outlook app, as per step 1 above. Installing Outlook will NOT prevent you from continuing to use your preferred email client. But if you subsequently encounter problems, having the Outlook app pre-installed simplifies trouble-shooting and may provide an immediate work-around to access to your email. Of course, you always access your Carleton mail via the web: exchange.carleton.ca.


  1. Contact the ITS Service Desk to have your Office 365 account enabled for 2-factor authentication.
  2. ITS confirms that 2-factor has been enabled.
  3. Annotated MFA Setup webpage at http://aka.ms/MFASetup

    MFA Setup page (click to enlarge)

    Log into aka.ms/MFASetup to configure your 2nd-factor: your cell phone number.

    We recommend that you install the Microsoft Authenticator app (iOS, Android) because it allows you to just click “Approve.” .

    Alternatively your configure your cell phone to deliver the 2nd-factor by texting you a code or by placing an automated voice call reciting a code.

  1. Log into your email using 2-factor authentication, using any of:

    2factor prompt graphic

    2-factor prompt (click to enlarge)