Application Information

Applicants new to the program join as Junior Interns, while a select number of Junior Interns who have completed one year of the program may return as Senior Interns. To apply for a DFL internship, please email (1) a completed application, (2) CV, and (3) cover letter, to DFL Coordinator Cindi Resnick ( The Leadership Profile is an important document, to be referenced when completing your application. If your application is successful, all interns must have (4) a current Police Record Check.

Junior intern applications for the 2017-18 academic year will open May 1st. The original deadline was June 30th, however the deadline has been extended – if you are interested in the DFL program please submit your application as soon as possible. Applications will be reviewed after this date, based on availability. If a current or past DFL intern is interested in becoming a Senior Intern, please email Cindi Resnick directly.

Selection Process

The CV and cover letter should illustrate key leadership skills that the applicant has demonstrated. Preference is given to applicants who can demonstrate familiarity with Judaism and Jewish communal agencies. Preference is also given to students in their 2nd year or higher. A strong application highlights interests or work/volunteer experience that align with available internships.

This is NOT first come, first served. All applications will be considered on their merits, and must be in good academic standing. Applicants that receive an interview will be contacted by the DFL Program Coordinator, and this will be used to determine possible matches with agencies. Some agencies may also wish to interview potential interns, which may result in multiple interviews on the part of the applicant. Final decisions on acceptance and placements of interns will be made by a selection committee (including the Program Coordinator, the Associate Director of the Zelikovitz Centre and representatives of the agencies. Applicants will be informed of decisions on their internship applications by the end of July.


Position Compensation Time commitment Positions available
Junior Intern $2500* 80 hours work, 20 hours training 7-10
Senior Intern $3000* 80 hours work, 20 hours training 3-5

*Before EI and CPP deductions

Interns are expected to do 510 hours of research before their placements begin, to minimize in-agency training time. Over the course of the program, interns then complete 20 hours of training. For the junior interns, the training is focused on basic leadership and professional skills. For the senior interns, the training is focused on more advanced leadership and presentation skills. Additionally, interns will plan and run an event for the end of the academic year; to be discussed during leadership workshops). Interns will be monitored regularly to ensure performance is adequate and issues are resolved. Monitoring is done by the DFL Coordinator in concert with the intern’s direct supervisor.

Important Dates: 2017-18

May 1st 2017 DFL application process opens
June 30th 2017 DFL application process closes
July Phone interviews with the DFL Coordinator and interested partner agencies
August 31st Internship placements are finalized
September 1st Internship placements begin, unless other arrangements are made
September 10th First leadership workshop (10am – 3pm)
November 27th Second leadership workshop
January 21st Third leadership workshop
March 4th Fourth (and final) leadership workshop

For more information or inquiries about the program, please contact Cindi Resnick (