Applications for the positions listed below can be found here. Information concerning eligibility for all positions is found via Carleton Work Study. Please direct any other questions towards the Zelikovitz Centre Associate Director, Susan Landau-Chark (

Job Posting Information

1 – Position Title: Cataloging and Reference Assistant

Number of Positions:  1
Compensation: $16/hr + 4% vacation
Location of Work: Home/ZC Office/Board Room
Hours: 10 hours/week

Job Description: The Zelikovitz Centre in conjunction with George Duimovich, Macodrum Library Department Head, Systems Department is currently in the process of curating its library for more efficient access for its affiliates and other scholars. The person in this position wold be responsible for completing the library inventory and liaising with George to adapt present research and access tools to the ZC collection.

During ZC events, an administrative assistant serves as an ambassador for the ZC and should provide insight and information about the centre’s annual programming to guests. This individual also assists with the set up/tear down for events, and does smaller tasks, such as hanging up posters on campus, and anything else we might need.

2 – Position Title: Assistant to the Director

Number of Positions:  1
Compensation: $16/hr + 4% vacation
Location of Work: Carleton University
Hours: 10 hours/week

Job Description: The Assistant to the Director is expected to work well with other people and as a team, to have strong work ethic, to be adaptive and flexible as challenges or new needs arise, to show initiative to create an effective and efficient working environment, to show a strong sense of accountability.

Duties will include:
Communications: Ensuring all web presence and social media associated with CHES are up-to-date, relevant, and correctly presented. This includes overall public profile, event schedules, articles, and partner profiles.
Event Support: Help to coordinate all aspects of events through each stage of the project management process as needed. This includes administrative support, ensuring audio-visual works for upcoming events, set up and tear down.
General office administration tasks: Maintain contact lists, check telephone and email messages, scheduling appointments, correspondence by email, letters, faxes and forms. Other smaller tasks on campus as needed and any other related duties.
Computer skills: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Some knowledge of Judaism and the Holocaust is required.