LACS 5000W: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Latin American and Caribbean Studies
HIST 5713W (Crosslisted): Latin America and Caribbean History Special Topics 

Winter 2022

Instructor:  Professor Audra Diptée

Course Description
This interdisciplinary graduate seminar introduces students to Latin American and Caribbean social and political thought.  Its goal is to explore the ways in which peoples from the region have perceived, articulated, and responded to the challenges they faced during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  It will cover a number of themes related to labour exploitation, gender, citizenship, sovereignty, race relations, and economic development among other topics.  Throughout the term, students will analyze a wide range of primary and secondary material through which they will develop a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean in global context.

Class Format
We will meet once a week in a three-hour block.

Course Evaluation
Students will be evaluated based on written assignments and their participation in the weekly seminar.  For students pursuing Masters projects with topics directly related to Latin America and the Caribbean, the assignments will be designed to help them advance and refine their thinking on their intended research topics.  Students taking this course out of general interest (i.e., not specializing in Latin America and the Caribbean) will be given other options for the written assignments.

Further instructions, strategies, and expectations for the course will be made available on Brightspace.

Course Material

  • Iván Márquez (ed), Contemporary Latin American Social and Political Thought: An Anthology (2008).
  • Aaron Kamugisha (ed), Caribbean Political Thought: The Colonial State to Caribbean Internationalisms (2013).