LACS 5800W: Scholarly Preparation in Latin America and Caribbean Studies

Winter 2022

Instructor:  Professor Audra Diptée

Course Description:
This course will provide scholarly preparation in Latin American and Caribbean Studies by requiring participation in public talks and a number of research ateliers in which students meet as a group to discuss their progress on their individual Masters projects.   

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Examine and evaluate primary evidence related to individual research projects. 
  • Apply interdisciplinary methodologies to a specified research project. 
  • Develop strategies for organizing and writing an independent project related to Latin America and Caribbean Studies. 

Course Material  

  • None. 

Student performance in this course will be evaluated as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.  The elements of assessment will be comprised of the following two components: 

  1. Attend specified Latin American and Caribbean Studies events during the semester. 
  2. Participate in the LACS Research Atelier: Students will be required to meet bi-weekly throughout the Fall and Winter terms to discuss strategies for analyzing their research and discuss their progress on their Masters projects.