Photo of Carole  Norton

Carole Norton

GDCR '12

The program provided me with a series of “aha” moments as I learned the Insight Method developed by the founder of the then Graduate Certificate, Dr. Cheryl Picard.  The combination of theoretical readings/discussion and practical application, for example role playing with current and former cohorts, was perfect to cement my learning. This enabled me to apply my knowledge within the workplace and even within my personal life, where I am surrounded by lots of passionate people. I appreciated the sense of community within the program, of which, I was actively engaged. Some of the friendships formed during the program in fact continue.

I integrate this training every day in my role as an executive within the Income Security and Social Development Branch of Employment and Social Development Canada. As a Director General, I am responsible for leading a group of around 60 employees, so conflict resolution skills are a definite asset as they help to enhance the effectiveness of daily communication.  I also find the skills continue to be invaluable when working with internal and external partners as there are co-dependencies everywhere, and it’s necessary to find ways to work towards common objectives to deliver excellent results to Canadians.