Photo of Clint Curle

Clint Curle

Adjunct Professor

Degrees:LL.B. (Western), M.T.S (Taylor ), M.A. (Providence Theological Seminary), M.A., Ph.D. (Carleton)

Current Research

My research interests centre on human rights. On the theoretical side, I am curious about the ways that contemporary human rights both ask and answer the perennial philosophical questions of any age – what is a human being? What is life’s purpose? What does it mean to be free? On the practical side, I am interested in the challenges of promoting human rights on the international front.The problem of governmental corruption, as a human rights issue, is a new special interest.

Teaching Interests

Human Rights, Legal Theory, Law and Politics, Law and Religion, Political Theology, Law and Liberalism,
Research Design and Methodology

Selected Publications

Curle, Clinton Timothy. Humanité: John Humphrey’s Alternative Account of Human Rights; (Toronto: University of Toronto, 2007).

Curle, Clinton Timothy. “The Re-Enchantment of the World? Max Weber, Ernst Troeltsch and Human Rights.” In Law, Mystery and the Humanities: Collected Essays, Logan Atkinson and Diana Majury, eds. (Toronto: University of Toronto, 2008).

Curle, Clinton Timothy, ed. Canada’s Voice in Global Governance: A Civil Society Handbook. (Ottawa: Friends of the Earth Canada, 2005). Permanent URL: An open source on-line book.