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Darren Pacione

Degrees:B.A. (Laurentian), M.A. (Carleton), Ph.D., Legal Studies (Carleton)
Office:B442 LA (Loeb Building). Available by appointment

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Areas of Interest

  • Canadian legal history
  • Political violence and terrorism in Canada
  • Constitutions, emergency powers, and the rule of law
  • Law and narrative
  • Histories of criminal law, labour law, and due process rights

Courses Taught

  • LAWS 3305 (Crime and State in History)
  • LAWS 2501 (Law, State, and Constitution)

Research Interests

Darren Pacione’s research puts to work archival, case law, and court-related documents to study historical examples of the politicization of criminal law trials in Canada and abroad. Most recently, I completed a dissertation on the litigation strategies used by Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ) defendants. As a case study, the FLQ criminal trials (1963-1972) afforded a fertile context to develop a legal history of FLQ defendants and their criminal trials in Québec. In 2012, Darren held a doctoral Canadian