Photo of Alexa Dodge

Alexa Dodge

PhD Candidate (Legal Studies)

Alexa Dodge is a PhD candidate in Legal Studies at Carleton University. She is presently researching Canadian legal responses to non-consensual intimate image sharing. She is interested in what these responses reveal about the ways technology, privacy, sexual violence, and harm are understood in law. Additionally, Alexa is a researcher on Dr. Dale Spencer’s national Policing Sex Crimes project. She also teaches “Law in the Information Society”. Alexa has published on topics such as: the harm of non-consensual intimate image sharing (Crime, Media, Culture), the role of digital evidence in cases of sexual violence (Feminist Theory), and police responses to non-consensual intimate image sharing among youth (Social & Legal Studies). In addition to her research and teaching, Alexa sits on Carleton’s Senate, is an external director for the Graduate Students’ Association, and volunteers at Planned Parenthood Ottawa.


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Educational qualifications:

MA, Legal Studies, Carleton University (Ottawa)

BA (Hons), Contemporary Studies Program & Political Science, University of King’s College (Halifax)


2017 – Dodge, A. & Spencer D. (2017) “Online Sexual Violence, Child Pornography or Something Else Entirely?  Police Responses to Non-Consensual Intimate Image Sharing among Youth” Social & Legal Studies.  (Online first)

2017 – Dodge, A. (Forthcoming) “The Digital Witness: The Role of Digital Evidence in Criminal Justice Responses to Sexual Violence” Feminist Theory.

2015 – Dodge, A. (2015) “Digitizing rape culture: Online sexual violence and the power of the digital photograph” Crime, Media, Culture. (Published online first, Sept. 9, 2015 DOI:                                           10.1177/1741659015601173)

2015 – Dodge, A. (2015) “Book review: David Gurnham’s Crime, Desire and Law’s Unconscious: Law, Literature and CultureSocial and Legal Studies. 24(2): 324-328.

2014 – Dodge, A. (2014) “Genital Culture: Exploring the Cultural Importance of Genital Surgery in the West” The Canadian Graduate Journal of Sociology & Criminology. 3(2): 134-143.

 Awards & Scholarships:

 2015 – Ontario Graduate Scholarship recipient

2014 – Ontario Graduate Scholarship recipient

2013 – Oxford University Press Award for the best paper on a feminist legal theory topic

2010-2012 – President’s List for academic excellence at the University of King’s College

Conferences and Presentations:

2015 –Speaker on the topic of “Online Sexual Violence and the Law” at the Sexual Assault Network’s professional development day

2015 – Canadian Law & Society Association Conference presentation on “‘The Always-on Stalker’: Applying Criminological Perspectives to Online Sexual Violence”

2015 – Keynote Speaker on the topic of “Digital Dating Violence and Non-Consensual Intimate Image Sharing” at Family Services Ottawa’s “In Love…and In Danger” conference for youth

2015 – Panel Chair for Carleton University’s Law and Legal Studies Conference

2014 – Women and Technology Conference presentation on “Cyberbullying: Government Responses, Online Activism, and the Voices of Women and Girls”

2014 – Carleton Legal Studies Graduate Conference presentation on “Sexual Assault in the Age of Social Media: Digital Photography, ‘Sharing’, and Gender-Based Hate”

 Affiliations and Positions:

2015- Present

Member of the Canadian Law & Society Association


Graduate Student Representative on the Carleton University Senate


Legal Studies Representative for the Graduate Students’ Association at Carleton University


Graduate Student Representative on the Carleton University Senate Educational Equity Committee


Student Government Representative at the University of King’s College (Halifax)