Photo of Stefan Gazenov

Stefan Gazenov

HR Coordinator (Finance Industry)

Degrees:Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Law ('06)

The strength of Carleton’s legal program, and the reputation of the FPA, made Carleton my top university choice. I was intrigued by the core curriculum, the various specialization options, the inter-disciplinary approach encouraged by the department and the expertise of its teaching faculty. I felt that the school would position me competitively whether I decided to enter the workforce, pursue post-graduate studies, or seek a professional designation. Being in the nation’s capital also allowed me to experience Canada’s rich cultural diversity and storied bilingual tradition.

Pursing a B.A. in Law provided me with life’s most valuable skill sets – critical thinking, logical reasoning and emotional intelligence. Whether discussing labour relations, corporate frameworks, or the nature of contracts and torts, the study of law challenged me to not only justify ‘what’ I thought but to demonstrate ‘how’ I thought. The varied perspectives and ideas of my fellow graduates gave me an appreciation for alternative viewpoints, negotiation and the art of persuasion. Obtaining a critical education furnished me with indispensable tools that come into play every time I collaborate on a project, speak to a client or group, or form part of a team.

I believe that the skills and abilities that Carleton fosters within its student body are of interest to a large number of employers; as a result, I was fortunate to find work, upon graduation, within the financial sector. Over four years, I had become adept at (i) picking out the pertinent points within large quantities of information, (ii) distilling pages of material into a few paragraphs and (iii) inferring the benefits, obligations and potential risks found within policies and regulations. By encouraging students to think critically – and analytically – about a broad range of issues, the Department of Law and Legal Studies provided me with all the tools necessary to succeed in life.

In short, if I could do it all again – I would.

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