Photo of Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright

PhD Candidate (Legal Studies)

Lisa has been interested in (and troubled by) Canadian drug policies and the punishment of illicit drug users since her undergraduate degree in Criminology at the University of Ottawa. For her doctoral thesis, she will examine how Canadian cities govern drug users differently through their translation of federal and provincial laws. Particular attention will be paid to how city regulations impact the lived experiences of users. In her spare time Lisa enjoys cycling, civil disobedience and sharing delicious food and wine with friends and family.

Research Area of Interest

  • Canadian Drug Policies
  • Governance of Drug Users
  • Critical Criminology
  • Punishment and Abolition

Master’s Thesis

Drug and Sex Education: A Case Study of the Operation of Social Control

Education and Qualifications

MA Sociology, Carleton University (2011)
BSocSc Honours Major Criminology, Minor Sociology, University of Ottawa (2008)