Photo of Meg Lonergan

Meg Lonergan

PhD Candidate (Legal Studies)

Bio: Meg Lonergan is a Ph.D. Candidate in Legal Studies and the Collaborative Specialization in Political Economy program. Having completed her comprehensive examination in the area of feminist controversies in sex and law with an emphasis on obscenity, pornography, and sex work, Lonergan’s doctoral research focuses on explicit governance. In her tentatively titled dissertation Explicit Governance: Security, Simulation, and Snuff, Meg uses Baudrillard’s Simulacra & Simulations to explore the crime legend of snuff films; the political economy of snuff; and the relationships between horror, porn, technology and cultural fears.

Lonergan is the incoming President of CUPE 4600 for the 2019-2020 year, after serving as Co-Chief Steward for Unit 1 the previous year.

Co-Supervisors: Dr. Lara Karaian (Criminology, Carleton University) & Dr. Steve Jones (Media Studies, Northumbria University)


Master of Arts in Gender Studies, Queen’s University at Kingston
Honours Bachelor of Social Science in Joint Honours Criminology & Women’s Studies, University of Ottawa


Lonergan, M. (2019). It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s security as pacification! Security as Pacification in Superman Red Son. Panic at the Discourse, 1(1).

Lonergan, M. (2019). Book review: Why horror seduces. Horror Studies.

Lonergan, M. (2018). The surrealism of men’s rights discourses on sexual assault allegations: A feminist reading of Kafka’s The Trial. Atlantis: Journal of Women’s Studies & Culture, 39(1), 18-30.

Lonergan, M. (2017). Book review: Solitudes in the workplace: Women in universities. Canadian Woman Studies, 32(1-2), 144.

Lonergan, M. (2017). Witches, bitches, and white feminism: A critical analysis of American Horror Story: Coven. Render: The Carleton Graduate Journal of Art and Culture, 5(1), 1-12.

 Selected Conference Presentations:

Canadian Law and Society Annual Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, June 3 to 5th, 2019

  • “Explicit governance: Authenticity, simulation and snuff in the digital era.”

Law, Culture and the Humanities, Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Canada, March 22 & 23, 2019

  • “Real scary/Scary real: (Dis)simulated horrors of snuff.”

International Meeting of Law and Society, Toronto, Canada, June 7-10th, 2018.

  • “Some Thing You Just Can’t Snuff Out: The Libidinal Economy of Snuff Films.”

International Meeting of Law and Society, Mexico City, Mexico, June 20- 23rd, 2017.

  • Making Space for Sex Workers: The Legal Geography of Sex Work in Canada.”

Consuming Intimacies: Bodies, Labor, Care, and Social Justice, Hosted by the Social Justice Institute, Brock University, St. Catharine’s, ON, October 15th & 16th 2015

  • “Crude Substances: Gender, resource extraction, and the double standard of ‘dirty’ jobs.”

Sex, Drugs, & Rock n’ Roll: Subversive Sites and the Law, Osgoode Law School, Toronto, ON, May 15th & 16th, 2015

  • ’You Can’t Rent Her Services, But You Can Buy Her Baby:’ Problematizing Human Trafficking Discourses and Examining the ‘Saving’ Narratives of Sex Work and Transnational Adoption.”


Courses Taught: LAWS 2301 Criminal Justice System