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Phil Lord

Contract Instructor

Degrees:LL.M. Candidate, McGill University, J.D. (McGill, Dean’s List), B.C.L. (McGill, Dean’s List)

Current Courses

  • LAWS 3202 (Intellectual Property) – Winter 2021
  • LAWS 3503 (Equality and Discrimination) – Summer 2021


Phil is an instructor at Carleton and a law clerk at the Federal Court of Canada for the 2020 – 2021 court term. He recently submitted his LL.M. thesis at the McGill University Faculty of Law, where he studied as a Bombardier scholar. Prior to undertaking graduate studies in law, Phil was an associate at Renno Vathilakis, a litigation boutique in Montreal.

Phil’s practice focusses on civil and commercial litigation. He also has significant experience with class actions, exempt market products, tax and estate planning, administrative and disciplinary law, and white-collar defense. Phil is called to the bar in New York, Massachusetts, and Quebec. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and holds the ACIArb professional designation.

Phil graduated from the McGill Faculty of Law, with degrees in civil and common law. He graduated on the Dean’s Honour List and as a Golden Key Scholar. He also received prizes for achieving the highest standing in the law of property and in constitutional law. At age 15, Phil spent a summer term earning 8 undergraduate credits at Harvard University. Not realising that calculus was a prerequisite, Phil registered for a macroeconomics course. He somehow managed to achieve a 3.67 GPA. (Two years later, in college, Phil did pass his introductory calculus course.)

Phil’s research focusses on public law (mainly employment and taxation law), behavioural economics, and new religious movements. His scholarship has appeared or is forthcoming in many field-relevant journals. His research regarding Scientology has appeared in the two main journals where prominent Scientology scholars have published their research: the Marburg Journal of Religion and the International Journal of Coercion, Abuse, and Manipulation (formerly the International Journal of Cultic Studies). Phil’s disability research has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, the premier interdisciplinary Canadian journal in the field of disability studies. His public law and behavioural economics research has appeared in both economics journals, such as the Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy, and law reviews. Phil has placed articles and book reviews in both European law journals, such as The Theory and Practice of Legislation (formerly Legisprudence) and The International Journal of Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Management, and Canadian law journals, such as the Alberta Law Review, the Manitoba Law Journal, and the Cahiers de droit.

Phil has founded several companies. Most notably, Phil has a significant experience in and with the financial services industry. He has successfully completed the licensing courses to be an Exempt Market Dealer and a Chief Compliance Officer of an Exempt Market Dealer, and the six equivalency exams to earn the Financial Planner (F.Pl.) designation. He served as Managing Partner of a private equity firm, where he remains a silent partner. Phil has assisted his clients with a wide range of issues.

An alumnus of Canada’s public colleges and universities, Phil is also a proud former health care aide and convenience store clerk.

Phil enjoys giving back to the community through pro bono work. In 2018, he organized the Montreal March for Our Lives, which was covered by many media outlets and attended by hundreds of people. In his free time, Phil runs (slow) marathons.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Scientology’s Legal System” (2019) 21:1 Marburg Journal of Religion 1
  2. The Eternal Commitment: Scientology’s Billion-Year Contract” (2020) 1 International Journal of Coercion, Abuse, and Manipulation __ (forthcoming)
  3. Access to Inclusive Education for Students with Autism: An Analysis of Canada’s Compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” (2020) 9:5 Canadian Journal of Disability Studies 328
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  9. Work, Family and Identity” in Daniel Wheatley, Irene Hardill & Sarah Buglass, eds, Handbook of Research on Remote Work and Worker Well-Being in the Post-COVID-19 Era (Hershey: IGI, 2021) __ (forthcoming)
  10. Cultivating Humility” (2021) 55:__ The Law Teacher __ (forthcoming)

Articles in U.S. Law Reviews

  1. Pornhub: Opening the Floodgates?” (2021) 11:2 Houston Law Review Off the Record 54 (forthcoming)
  2. COVID-19 and the Future of Work” [2021] Denver Law Review Forum __ (forthcoming)

Other Scholarly Publications

  1. What Is the True Purpose of Quebec’s Bill 21?” (2020) 9:3 Directions 1
  2. Quelle est la réelle raison d’être de la loi 21?” (2020) 9:3 Directions 1 (written and published in French and English)
  3. Popping the Cap” [2020] McGill Journal of Law and Health Online
  4. COVID-19: Is the Cure ‘Worse Than the Problem Itself’?” [2020] McGill Journal of Law and Health Online
  5. “’Ça ne fonctionne pas!’: L’aspect symbolique du droit, du droit criminel à la Loi 21” (2020) 9:6 Directions 1
  6. “’It Doesn’t Work!’: The Symbolic Aspect of Law, From the Criminal Law to Bill 21” (2020) 9:6 Directions 1 (written and published in French and English)
  7. Structural Change or Collective Amnesia?” (2020) 57:4 Alberta Law Review 1053 (book review)
  8. Recension : L’action collective : ses succès et ses défis” (2020) 61:4 Les Cahiers de droit 1155 (book review)

Working Papers

  1. “Religious Legitimacy”
  2. ” Popping the Cap”