Photo of Nicholas Lamb

Nicholas Lamb

Degrees:PhD (abd), M.A. Legal Studies (Carleton), B.A. Sociology (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Research Areas:

Policing and legal control of protests (Dissertation research)

  • Dissertation (In progress):
    • The Jester Goes to Court: A Socio-Legal Study of Toronto G20 Protest Prosecutions and Trials
  • MA thesis:
    • The Pacification of Radical Dissent: An Anti-Security Analysis of the Toronto G20 Joint Intelligence Group
  • Publication:
    • “Pacification through “Intelligence” during the Toronto G20”. In Beare, Des Rosiers, and Deschman (eds). Putting the State on Trial: The Policing of Protest During the G20 Summit. Vancouver: UBC Press/CCLA (2015)
  • Conference Papers:
    • Pacification through law during the Toronto G20: An anti-security study of the Public Works Protection t‘Act’ic
    • The Costs of Policing Summit Dissent: A Preliminary Political Economy of the Toronto G20 Pacification Project”
    • Pacifying and Criminalizing Toronto G20 Resistance through Counter-Insurgency
  • Legal violence and regulation in amateur sports
    • Tending the Net for the Ottawa Godfathers: Legal Violence and Power Relations in Competitive Ball Hockey
  • The prosecution and adjudication of police officers
    • Adjudicating Fire: Critical Reflections of the Trial of Officer Forcillo
  • The criminalization of comic books in Canada
    • Criminalizing Crime Comics in Canada: A Cultural-Legal Genealogy of the Fulton Bill

Teaching Experience:

  • Contract Instructor (Carleton)
    • Criminal Law, LAWS2302 (Winter ’18)
    • Approaches to Legal Studies II, LAWS3908 (Winter ’18, Fall ’17, Winter ’17, Fall ’16)
    • Legal Research Methods, CRCJ3003 (Fall ’16, Winter ’16, Fall ’15)
    • Introduction to Police Studies, LAWS3903 (Summer ’16)
  • Teaching Assistant (Carleton)
    • Introduction to Legal Studies, LAWS1000
    • Crime and State in History, LAWS3305
    • Approaches in Legal Studies II, LAWS3908
    • Punishment and the Law, LAWS3308