Join the Online & Bi-weekly Edition of the Book Club!

As we transitioned to working and leading remotely, we shifted to a new format for the Carleton Leader Community Book Club. The intention was to provide an opportunity for us to connect more frequently, and to engage in learning and discussion with our colleagues. Whether you or not you have participated in Carleton Leader, all staff and faculty are welcome as we continue our journeys of leadership development into this new context.

Join us in reading “Leadership Is Language: The Hidden Power of What You Say and What You Don’t” by L. David Marquet. For a short introduction to the book please visit goodreads.

From October 5 to December 14 we will host bi-weekly online meetings on Mondays at 1:30pm. After you register, you will receive a calendar invitation with the link to allow us to connect remotely, as well as the reading schedule.

Bi-Weekly Book Club Registration