Creating Environments for Meaningful Conversation:

That just might go Somewhere….

The purpose of the Carleton Leader podcast is to engage leaders and emerging leaders at Carleton University in a unique development opportunity; one that allows them to keep engaged with their development journeys outside the historical focus of face-to-face offerings.

The podcast provides an avenue for 24/7 asynchronous learning whereby the leadership community can explore and connect with leadership content whenever is best suited in their busy schedules. As indicated in our recent community questionnaire, leaders at Carleton feel alternative forms of engagement are especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope the podcast can be as accessible and inclusive as possible.

The podcast also allows us the opportunity to connect and engage with external audiences as we look to further explore opportunities for expanding the reach of Carleton Leader in our community and across the country.


  • Leadership exists throughout the university/organizations in all roles and at all levels.
  • Leadership is a lifelong and continuous journey of development.
  • Leadership principles and practices are always important to keep present, even during a crisis.
  • Leadership and management are a practice. They are different, yet complementary.


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