Each day will run from 8:30am – 4:30pm with the exception of Friday Nov. 1st where we will aim to end around 3:00 – 3:30pm in order to get everyone back to the city and on time for other travel arrangements where required.

Sunday evening accommodations are provided to ensure everyone is able to make it to the venue on time for the Monday morning start.

Sunday Oct 27th

  • Arrival to Ottawa and transport to the Wakefield Mill
  • Evening dinner/reception to welcome everyone and make connections

Day One: Monday October 28th

  • Understanding the Need for Leadership Development in Higher Ed
  • Understanding Your University and Gaining Support for Leadership Development Initiatives
  • The Importance of Reflection, Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Day Two: Tuesday Oct. 29th

  • Principles and Philosophies of Carleton Leader
  • Me – We – Us
  • Facilitation Practice
  • Building Cohorts and Managing Participants

Day Three: Wednesday Oct 30th

  • Inside View of Carleton Leader
  • Strategic Impact Groups (SIGs) and Landing Events
  • Sharing Our Practices: Collaboration Across Borders
  • Friendly Consulting

Day Four: Thursday Oct 31st

  • Evaluating Your Leadership Development Initiatives
  • The Connection between Leadership Development and Institutional Change
  • Connecting with Carleton Leaders
    • Speakers from the Carleton University Leadership Community

Day Five: Friday Nov 1st

  • University Leadership Community Development
  • Special Guest Speaker
  • What’s Next?

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