Picture of LLeaP lecturer Dr. Andrew Robinson

Dr. Andrew Robinson is a Contract Instructor in the Physics Department at Carleton University. He has degrees in Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry from Bristol University and Bath University. He has worked as a professional scientist in Germany and the UK, and moved to Canada in 2000. After working at the University of Saskatchewan, he moved to Ottawa in 2010. His current research interest is the teaching of Physics at the post-secondary level, and he uses innovative technology and pedagogical methods in his classes. He has won Faculty of Science Teaching Awards in 2012, 2014, and 2017.

Read what participants have said about “Physics Around Us”:

  • [LLeaP] series are taught by good lecturers but Dr. Robinson is hands down the best lecturer I have taken to date. He has an engaging lecture style, judges the level of the participants well, and thoughtfully answers all questions. Please have him back for more!
  • Dr. Robinson is interesting, instructive and engaging. It was delightful and informative to participate in his series. Thank you to him and to [LLeaP] for making these wonderful learning opportunities possible.
  • Dr. Andrew Robinson is a gift to people like me who struggled, unsuccessfully, to understand physics teachers throughout high school and thereby considered themselves shut out of that world. His appreciation that some of us learn complex concepts through pictorial, expressive language (e.g., “slosh” in lecture six) is a remarkable feat for a scientist like himself. Dr. Robinson exhibits an astounding ability to share his passion for understanding how and why the world works the way it does by “translating” complexity into simple English. It is this role of translator that is unique among teachers of science – someone with a key to open up understanding. And he does all this with humour, humility and respect. Bravo.
  • Dr. Robinson is a very personable and dynamic lecturer. His delivery is excellent and his sense of humour is delightful and appropriate. He clearly has excellent knowledge in the subject field and is well able to explain complexities of the subject to the class. I would attend any series he offered.
  • Amazing lecturer – friendly, interesting, knowledgeable. Well prepared – excellent slides and videos. Probably the best [LLeaP] lecturer.
  • The lecturer was excellent. His ability to make a difficult subject easy to understand was outstanding. I sincerely hope he will lecture more in the future.
  • Very well presented with concepts explained very well. Great analogies used to explain difficult concepts. Highly recommend both the lecture series and the lecturer.
  • I thought I was finished with physics long ago! But Andrew brought this topic to life and showed us that physics is being used every day!

Read what participants have said about single lecture presentation “Bad Movie Physics”:

  • Dr. Robinson may be one of the best speakers of all the lectures I have attended. His humorous way to present the material and his ability to clearly explain the (bad) physics made this a most enjoyable session.
  • Dr. Robinson provided both an entertainment and learning session. The way he blended in the examples of bad physics with the explanation of the physics law that was broken, was excellent. I feel that I had a good review of my physic basics through a very enjoyable experience.
  • Knowledgeable, engaging lecturer even though I have no knowledge of physics, the lecturer made things all so easy to understand. A very delightful two hours spent. Excellent interchange with the participants…learned a great deal.
  • Dr. Robinson is a delightful lecturer: informative, funny, accomplished. I have taken two lecture series with him and would attend any others he offers.
  • Dr. Robinson has a delightful sense of humour. The material/topic was a good mix of fact and fun.
  • The lecture was structured really well. Dr. Robinson did an excellent job of explaining many Newtonian physics concepts, as well as a bit of chemistry and biology, without going into too much detail and scaring off the “science-phobes”. He then related the concept, e.g., gravity, to the erroneous use of physics, etc. in at least one film. He’s also one of the most entertaining lecturers I’ve had in [LLeaP]…and I’ve taken over 3 dozen [LLeaP] courses.
  • Andrew Robinson is a knowledgeable and funny scientist. He is able to discuss big concepts in accessible ways that allow non-science people like me to get it. Very impressed.
  • Dr. Robinson makes difficult concepts understandable in an engaging and enjoyable way. He is very professional and well organized, and knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his discipline. It is a pleasure to be able to attend his lectures.
  • Where was Dr. Robinson when I was learning physics in high school!!

Read what participants have said about “Quantum Weirdness for Beginners”:

  • I was most satisfied by Dr. Andrew Robinson. He knew the material and knew how to teach, and when he didn’t know something, he said so. I believe that this was a very difficult subject to teach, and by the end of the lecture I can honestly say I have a better idea what quantum physics is and isn’t.
  • Dr. Robinson was most knowledgeable and made a difficult topic informative and interesting. His lectures and aides were first rate. Only wish that lecturers I had when attending Carleton as an undergrad too many years ago were as good as he is!
  • Dr. Robinson is an extremely personable lecturer. He is able to explain difficult concepts in ways that make sense. His examples are excellent and vivid and his lectures always vastly entertaining.
  • Dr. Robinson made the topic fun. He translated the material to real-life examples.
  • The lecturer was very engaging and explained the material generally, to the extent that it was understood, was very interesting.
  • I really enjoyed the pace and depth of the lecture series. Dr. Robinson is an excellent lecturer. He kept it extremely interesting. I found it a fascinating series.