LLeaP lecturer Angela MarcusAngela Marcus (BA Hons/78 MA/93) has taught in Art History and Art Appreciation for over two decades. She has taught for several years for the Lifelong Learning (formerly Learning in Retirement) Program. She has been an independent researcher, art writer, and curator.

Read what participants have said about Angela’s Winter 2020 “Art Appreciation: Renaissance to Romanticism” series:

  • I loved this lecture series. The lecturer was extremely knowledgeable and provided a unique and interesting perspective to this period of art. Her art selections were very interesting and informative. This was not a period I particularly liked prior to the course but the lecturer made it so interesting I will definitely continue to visit this part of the gallery.
  • It really helped me understand what I was seeing and how to understand what periods and countries different styles related to. Angela also opened my eyes to the social, political, religious and in some cases technological changes that lead to the stylistic changes. I am looking forward to learning more!
  • Angela Marcus’s series was excellent due to her deep knowledge of the painters, paintings and their social, cultural, economic, historical background, while her sense of humour, pacing, and obvious enthusiasm for the subject matter made each evening a delight. The fact that we saw real paintings, as opposed to slides, also made the lectures a major improvement over previous “slide shows”. I’m sorry only that she is not giving another series this spring – so I will hope for next fall /winter.
  • Angela’s depth and expansive knowledge of art and its historical context is incredible. This was also demonstrated when she responded to the range of participants’ questions. I learned so much! Angela is very engaging and pleasant when delivering her material. She is clearly passionate about art. I always welcome the opportunity to take one of her courses or lectures and I am never disappointed.
  • Angela is a fabulous lecturer who is very knowledgeable about art, eloquent and, most importantly, she instills her passion for art into her participants. I will be very interested in taking more courses from her.

Read what participants have said about Angela’s Late Fall 2019 “Art Appreciation: Renaissance to Romanticism” series:

  • Angela Marcus was outstanding. I especially appreciated her ability to put each painting into its historical and often political context.
  • Angela is very knowledgeable and passionate about art and terrific in bringing the paintings and painters to life. She provides cultural and historical context for each work. She selects additional paintings by painters under study to circulate. The National Art Gallery is a treasure and I appreciate being guided expertly through its collection, this time paintings from the Renaissance to the Romantics and previously through the Canadian collection. Outstanding lectures!
  • This lecture was very interesting. There is so much to keep learning about. I would take it again and any future lectures about this subject matter.
  • Angela Marcus gave a learned, highly informed, insightful course. She is consistently able to provide context for the artistic works presented and is happy to add information when asked. Her presentation is articulate, sometimes humorful and altogether gracious.
  • I loved the way Angela Marcus tied the art we were seeing to the societal forces in play at the time the art was created. I now see European art with fresh eyes. Works that I have seen before have taken on new meanings. Works that I previously ignored now have greater significance for me.
  • I enjoyed the lecture series very much. While I was already a lifelong appreciator of art, Ms. Marcus managed to show new ways to understand the paintings we looked at and to better understand the periods and school and to develop the knowledge to distinguish between the different schools. She is obviously very knowledgeable and at the same time not demagogic, allowing for different interpretations, personal views and expressions. I enjoyed the whole lecture series, it’s hard to pick anything in particular.
  • Angela provided an interesting outlook on how to look at various art and also its rich history. I will certainly appreciate and view art with a much better perspective and overview. Also, going to the gallery was a fantastic learning environment. Thank you.

Read what participants have said about Angela’s Early Spring 2019 “Art Appreciation: Canadian Art” series:

  • I love being part of a lecture series at [the National Gallery] and would take another and in fact, the same one. The lecturer was so knowledgeable.
  • Angela Marcus is very informative, well-versed and expressive about the works presented. She provides intelligent analysis, thought-provoking observations and is receptive to questions and opinions. She is an excellent lecturer.
  • I appreciated the lecturer’s knowledge about art. I liked to learn about the influences in society on artists. I also gained a better understanding of abstract art which before I would walk past. The lectures gave me the tools to appreciate types of art I didn’t engage with before. I liked that sessions were at art gallery.
  • I really liked being able to see the actual piece of artwork being discussed in the gallery setting. The chronological progress of Canadian artwork, paired with what was happening in Canadian history at the same time really appealed to me. All in all, a great lecture series with a very knowledgeable lecturer.
  • Content and lecturer were great. I really enjoyed the fact that the series was conducted at the National Gallery.
  • I really appreciated the feeling Angela had for the works of art and how they fit into the development (good and bad!) of Canada. I enjoyed a previous course with a lecturer (not from Carleton) who was a walking encyclopedia of names and dates, but I liked Angela’s more emotional approach.
  • I really enjoyed the material, and being in the Gallery to view the artworks that were being discussed. I learned a lot about the history of art in our country, and I know I will have a better appreciation of Canadian paintings.
  • I most appreciated the opportunity to be introduced to the breadth of the Canadian collection right at the National Art Gallery by an expert.