1. LLeaP Learn Guide
    1. Signing Up, Logging In, and Browsing
    2. Enrolling Myself or Others
    3. Viewing Events and Content
    4. Withdrawals and Other
  2. Additional Resources
    1. Registration Webinar
    2. Tech Tips

The Lifelong Learning Program (LLeaP) is pleased to introduce a new way to register and learn through LLeaP Learn (formerly called Apprendo). With this platform, participants can:

  1. View LLeaP session events on a single dashboard
  2. Securely register for LLeaP events
  3. Receive important information about LLeaP events
  4. View and download lecture slides at their leisure
  5. Easily attend online Zoom lectures

And much, much more!

Click the FAQs below, view our PDF instructions, or watch our registration webinar to familiarize yourself with LLeaP Learn.

*Participants must use their own email address to sign up for and use their free LLeaP Learn account.

LLeaP Learn Guide

Signing Up, Logging In, and Browsing

Enrolling Myself or Others

Viewing Events and Content

Withdrawals and Other

Additional Resources

Registration Webinar

Click the video below for a demonstration on how to create an account, browse our offerings, and enroll in an event.

Tech Tips

Still have questions? Download our PDF instructional guides for step-by-step instructions and follow-along images.