Photo of LLeaP lecturer Dr. Elliot Tepper Dr. Tepper is a veteran professor of comparative politics and international relations at Carleton University. He regularly provides media commentary at home and abroad on a wide range of topics, providing context and deep background to the news stories of the day. Dr. Tepper’s career in academia and public policy provides the basis for thoughtful analysis on current events, and his lifetime of teaching on-campus and through the public media provides the basis for an engaging, interactive classroom experience.

An internationally recognized scholar, Dr. Tepper provides analysis and policy advice to national and international organizations. He has published widely, headed national professional organizations, received many research awards, and serves on the Boards of Directors of a variety of professional and voluntary associations. He is very active with the Ottawa diplomatic corps, academic seminar milieu, and national and provincial political circles. Current academic titles include: Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs; Senior Research Fellow at NPSIA’s Centre for Security and Defence Studies; Research Fellow, Conference of Defence Associations Institute; and Adjunct Research Professor at both Royal Roads University and in his long-time home, the Department of Political Science, Carleton University.

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about Dr. Tepper’s Spring 2021 “Behind the Headlines: Current News and World Events” lecture series (offered online):

  • Dr. Tepper was excellent and well-grounded in his subject matter – the pace of delivery of the material was excellent.
  • An extremely well-done lecture series, as always from Dr. Tepper. Very interesting and informative.
  • Dr. Tepper’s expertise on such a wide variety of topics and the way he put them in the larger context of current events and the history behind them.  I learned so much.
  • The lecturer’s expertise is so impressive. I already feel the difference when I read/see the news … I have so much more insight now.
  • Dr. Tepper’s presentation style is very good and his organization of the material made attendance a real pleasure.
  • Very happy with Dr. Tepper’s approach to news and his down to earth ability to discuss situations clearly and concisely.
  • Dr. Tepper is an excellent and extremely interesting speaker.  He kept my attention the full time (not an easy thing to do!)
  • The lecturer’s amazing knowledge of and insight into world events. Impressive grasp of world history.
  • Dr. Tepper’s depth of knowledge and enthusiasm about his material was inspiring. His realistic outlook was very on point.

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about Dr. Tepper’s Fall 2020 “Behind the Headlines: Current News and World Events” lecture series (offered online):

  • Dr. Tepper is an excellent academic and teacher. His presentations of the current events are always clear and based on data, and thorough analysis, taking into account historic events to determine political future events. His presentations are cleararticulate, and extremely interesting. 
  • The topic is fascinating, and Dr. Tepper’s experience and expertise in the subject matter made this truly interesting. This is the first time I’ve attended Dr. Tepper’s Behind the Headlines series, and I will attend the next one, and the next one after that, etc. Great way to stay current (obviously!) and to remain intellectually stimulated through lectures and discussions about important topics. 
  • Dr. Tepper is very knowledgeable about many areas of the world and I appreciated hearing about them, as well as his use of typologies and frameworks to enhance understanding. 
  • The information provided was wellsourced, and requested links given to participants in realtime. Dr. Tepper was willing to spend time after the lecture time to answer all questions. Much appreciated. 
  • The topics selected for review and the depth of exploration. In today’s world, there is so much to talk about. I appreciated selecting a few main issues and exploring them in a meaningful way. 
  • Dr. Tepper is an engaging and enthusiastic lecturer who is very familiar with and informed about this subject area. A pleasure to learn from him about these very current issues. 
  • The scope of Dr. Tepper’s knowledge is remarkable. He can present a mini version of his expertise very well. 
  • On every single topic, I learned fascinating things I hadn’t known before, even in areas I thought I knew quite well.  I left every single lecture excited and eager to discuss the topic further with other people.
  • The depth of Dr. Tepper’s knowledge and his ability the summarize heavy topics into key points is awesome. Also, he’s a really personable human being.

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about Dr. Tepper’s Fall 2020 “Power in America: Election 2020” lectures (offered online):

  • Dr. Tepper is an expert in his field and offers objective information about the elections and world geopolitical issues. Extremely interesting and well organized in the presenting of the material in an appropriate manner (i.e. global, then drilling down, etc.) Very easy to listen to.
  • Dr. Tepper is well organized and knowledgeable. His expertise and love of his subject matter are obvious.
  • Dr. Tepper knew his material and conveyed it in a very straightforward and understandable way. The lecture time passed all too quickly. The guy is great.
  • The level of the insights and the enthusiasm of Dr. Tepper.
  • I enjoy Dr. Tepper’s lectures very much: He is very knowledgeable and is an excellent lecturer. I like the way he analyzes and treats political and current events, the connection between what is happening all over the world and the topic of the discussion, and his overall take on political issues. I always learn a lot about political science in his lectures.
  •  [Dr. Tepper] did a brief ‘review’ of previous topics from his first lecture, which was helpful to think about again. Dr. Tepper’s pacing is very good … and he also gives very thoughtful answers to the questions posed.
  • Dr. Tepper provided great insight into the election process in the US and up-to-date information on potential scenarios going forward.
  • Elliot Tepper – well structured, engaging lecturer.
  • Dr. Tepper is a wonderful presenter; so knowledgeable, low key, pleasant voice, and smile, reflective, respectful I would love to have more lectures.
  • Dr. Tepper’s presentation was interesting and very well explained. I would definitely take another lecture from him.
  • Wonderful insights from Dr. Tepper. VERY TOPICAL topic! Appreciated that he offered to stay well past the end of the official lecture time to answer questions.
  • Dr. Tepper is so comfortable answering questions as they arose and was able to pick up exactly where he left off. Very knowledgeable and able to level the playing field.

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about Dr. Tepper’s “Behind the Headlines” series held in the Spring 2019 Session:

  • Dr. Tepper is really on top of his subject, is very current, and encouraged input from class members which added extra interest. This is the second time I’ve taken this series and I would take it again.
  • I thoroughly enjoy taking lecture series with Dr. Tepper. Have taken his series before and will take it again.
  • The topics included many very current events and Dr. Tepper provided many insights that were not easily available by just reading the news.
  • Dr. Tepper’s knowledge and his ability to convey the material was superb. I had taken a series with him on the same topic and learned so much. I was delighted to hear that Dr. Tepper will be offering the course again in the Fall…and I will take it again and again if offered. Thanks to the organizers for encouraging Dr. Tepper to offer the series again.
  • Broad coverage of significant world issues with deep dives that were very informative. Provided insights and perspectives I would not otherwise encounter. Also provided heads up concerning upcoming events, locally and online.
  • The real ‘insight’ behind the headlines. Our (and not just mine) interest spiked every time.
  • I was most satisfied with Dr. Tepper who mixes humour into a very serious subject. I also liked the political events he chose to highlight in this very overloaded world of information.
  • The lecturer covered a lot of history about other countries. It was thought provoking and made me want to research some of the issues that were covered.
  • The in-depth analysis was fascinating. Loved the range of topics, which were so timely and relevant to world events.
  • Broad knowledge, analysis of current events, brief summaries of histories of countries in the news, and sense of humour of lecturer.