Picture of LLeaP lecturer Dr. Eric WeichelDr. Eric Weichel has taught several popular lecture series for the Lifelong Learning Program. He received his PhD in Art History from Queen’s University (Kingston) in 2013, and completed a SSHRC-funded Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Concordia University (Montreal) in 2015. His research specialties involve the role of palace women in facilitating visual and literary cross-cultural exchanges in the courtly sphere. Eric has curated an exhibition on eighteenth-century French prints for the Carleton University Art Gallery, and was a research assistant at the prestigious Rembrandt Specialist conference at Herstmonceux Castle, Sussex. Eric currently teaches at Nipissing University.

Read what participants have said about Eric’s Fall 2020 “Art Against the Academy, 1789 to 1914” series:

  • The lecturer was engaging, with a good sense of humour.
  • I have taken many lectures with Eric through your program and thoroughly enjoy his knowledge on his topics.
  • The wealth of material that the lecturer was able to present to us plus the excellent way of marrying the lecture with the slides. It was a fantastic experience to take part in this series.
  • This is the 3rd lecture series I take with Dr. Eric Weichel. He is fabulous in person and online. The audio-visuals are great. I find Dr. Weichel is very dynamic. He obviously knows his subject well and can transmit his wealth of knowledge to us in a conversational manner.
  • Dr. Weichel has a mastery of his subject which translates into lectures that are fast-paced (which is good), informative and compelling.
  • As always, Dr. Weichel’s lecture series was fantastic! I have attended many of his in-person offerings, and he adapted the presentation to the online environment very well. Even his trademark energy and enthusiasm came across!
  • Dr. Weichel unlocks understanding of paintings and provides the background and social context.
  • Dr. Weichel is a wonderful presenter. His lectures are always well prepared and full of fascinating information. His delight in his subject matter is infectious.
  • I was so glad when I found out that Dr. Weichel was giving a series during this pandemic. Seeing the paintings on my IPAD from the comfort and safety of my home was fantastic. I can’t tell you how much this meant to me to have something to look forward to during this pandemic.
  • Have taken several lecture series with Dr. Weichel over the years and would not miss an opportunity for more. He is fascinating.

Read what participants have said about “Eternal Egypt: Art and Architcture”:

  • Eric was a wonderful lecturer. Not only did he have an amazing amount of knowledge at his fingertips but he was able to communicate it effectively, and his enthusiasm for his subject matter made the class so much more interesting. He has a great sense of humour and was able to connect with his class with ease.
  • The lecturer is AMAZING. His enthusiasm is contagious and his vast knowledge of his subject matter very impressive! I can’t wait to take more courses with Eric!
  • I was so impressed with Eric’s enthusiasm and passion for this class! He was obviously pleased and delighted to be able to share his considerable knowledge with us. Class time just flew by and we learned so much. It was evident that he put a lot of effort into preparation to engage us every class. He was always available to answer questions and hear our opinions too. It was a very enjoyable experience!
  • The lecturer is extremely knowledgeable and is able to transfer this knowledge in a very interesting way. His enthusiasm is contagious!
  • Eric was so very enthusiastic, and his knowledge was astounding. Please bring him back. I am a retired teacher, and know excellent teaching when I see it. Eric was beyond fantastic. I finished this class with so much to think about, and to research.
  • Eric’s incredible enthusiasm for the subject and his teaching style. An excellent teacher!
  • In addition to the interesting material, I most enjoyed the professionalism and enthusiasm with which Eric presents his class. He seems to be having as much fun as the rest of us.

Read what participants have said about “19th Century French Painting”:

  • Dr. Weichel is a jewel! Have taken three classes from him so far. As you know, he has quite the following. His grasp of history, not just art history, is phenomenal. I have two history degrees and read widely and appreciate how he places the history of the art within the broader context.
  • As always, Eric’s expertise and professionalism, combined with his delightful enthusiasm for his subject matter, made this class so worthwhile. He always conveys the feeling that he enjoys the class as much as we do!
  • Eric Weichel’s enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter makes each lecture extremely interesting and engaging. The time just flies by!
  • I really enjoyed this lecture series — so much so that I have registered for Dr. Weichel’s other series. He is an absolutely wonderful lecturer — brings the subject to life and is so knowledgeable — not only about the paintings but the historical context too.
  • I have taken this class because I have taken other classes with Eric Weichel and I can trust him to be extremely well prepared, entertaining and informative. I was not particularly interested in French academic painting and was pleasantly surprised how interesting, intriguing if not fascinating this period in art history can be. I particularly appreciate how he weaves the artwork into the political events of the time and the biography of the artist. I think Carleton and my fellow retirees are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Weichel as a lecturer.
  • Enthusiastic and knowledgeable lecturer. Classes very well researched, prepared and presented. Interesting and engaging material. Great use of anecdotal information (and humour) to support the presentation. Use of technology efficiently handled for the purposes of the presentation.
  • The comprehensive nature of the class and the lecturer’s enthusiasm for the subject matter. He made the material very interesting and delivered his presentation in a very dynamic fashion.
  • I looked forward to hearing Dr. Weichel’s lecture each week. His enthusiasm and knowledge is inspiring.