Carleton University has launched CU@Kanata, a purpose-built innovation space at Kanata North’s Hub350, a new ecosystem in Canada’s largest technology park where industry, finance and academic partners will collaborate and connect.

The Lifelong Learning Program (LLeaP) is excited to offer lectures and workshops in this new space (350 Legget Drive), and to collaborate on two of CU@Kanata’s objectives: Knowledge Mobilization and Community Building.

You can find out more about CU@Kanata on their website and twitter account, and you can read about the new location for industry, academic and finance partners to co-exist and collaborate in Kanata North on the Hub350 website.

Our offerings in this new location can be found on our lectures and workshops webpages for each session. Click on the red arrows in the FAQ headings below, for important information about transportation and parking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)